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Digital Lavender is a key colour opportunity in interiors

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Mar 04, 2023 By WGSN Insider

We’re expecting Digital Lavender, WGSN’s Colour of the Year for 2023, to penetrate all aspects of our lives. So what would that look like in our spaces?

WGSN has been tracking the potential of Digital Lavender, which has made a splash in fashion and tech in line with our prediction for it as Colour of the Year for 2023. This time, we’re turning our attention to the interiors industry with WGSN’s Head of Interiors Gemma Riberti, who speaks to Tatler Homes Singapore. Discover how the pastel can be applied in both public and private settings to offer a sense of holistic wellness.

Digital Lavender speaks to the rise of digital cosy with its multifaceted qualities. It can be a tactile pastel, a cool hue that speaks to futuristic environments or even connect to the growing focus on mental wellbeing with its calming and luminous softness.

Industry applications

The hospitality sector has been embracing this colour in bolder and often all-over applications that exalt its Insta-perfect quality. From restaurants and retail environments to lobbies and waiting rooms, this colour is cropping up via ultra-matte and tactile finishes across peach skin, velvet, frosted glass, anodized aluminium, glazed ceramics and pigmented concrete.

Digital Lavender can also offer a luxe feel when paired with warm brushed and anodised metals, while cooler and reflective finishes convey an otherworldly, futuristic narrative.

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Home applications

Digital Lavender is also ideal on a smaller scale for homewares that tap into healing habits and rituals. Apply to approachable products including bedding, bath linens and ranges, beach towels, throws, floor rugs, candles and candle holders, tablecloths and napkins, even curtains - allowing the colour to complement wooden furniture and furnishings and act as an accent within existing styles. 

As a paint colour, it can work best in kids’ rooms, guest rooms and transitional spaces such as entryways or door frames.

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Colour combinations

We’re also starting to see this colour in decor for youth, with a playful twist and paired with bolder palettes. Think painted or tinted drinkware, wiggly and scalloped mirror frames and shelving or small furniture such as side tables, textile wall hangings or ceramic statement accessories and vases, where Digital Lavender is juxtaposed to vivid cobalt blue, pale acidic green, bold pinks, reds and yellows.

Digital Lavender is one of the top trends for the year, as tipped by experts at WGSN. Download Top Trends for 2023 & Beyond for more trend forecasting content. 

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