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Designing the future: unveiling rising fashion research hubs

Miami beach
Oct 12, 2023 By WGSN Insider
City x City

Aligned with WGSN's forecasts, we introduce seven cities gaining recognition for their vibrancy, cultural relevance and fashion innovation – perfect for you to consider on your next fashion research trip.


Barcelona is fast emerging as a key player in the vintage fashion market, especially in The El Raval and Gràcia districts. Must-visit shops include Casa Le Swing and the House of Rowdy concept store.

WGSN Original Image / House of Rowdy
WGSN Original Image / House of Rowdy

Following the city’s legacy in fashion innovation, Antwerp has become a compact alternative to Paris. We Are Labels embodies the city’s trend of creating real sanctuaries for womenswear and Studio Play is a great example of the redefinition of kidswear through creativity, functionality and sustainability.

With influential events such as Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Danish capital is becoming the global reference for sustainable fashion. Don’t miss Han Kjøbenhavn, known for its streetwear and eyewear, as well as Colorful Standard.

WGSN Original Image / Copenhagen

The US and Central America

Miami blends its traditions with art deco aesthetics, Latin influences and forward-thinking fashion, maturing as a hub for swimwear. Look to brands like Krel Wear for knitwear that go from beach to nightlife or Thrifts + Threads, which creates It-girl cover-ups.

In Mexico City, local fashion brands embrace heritage and innovation, making it a key destination as consumers seek real connections. Gather inspiration for traditional textiles and print with a modern take at Graziano & Gutiérrez and PAY'S.

ader error
WGSN Original Image / Ader Error

East Asia

Seoul has become one of the go-tos for youth fashion with the aid of K-pop and experiences that merge art and fashion are continuously pushing boundaries in the city. Visual Aid houses the most popular local brands, while Stand Oil is a strong example of the city's interiors and accessories game combined.

Bangkok is growing into an unmissable hub for unique designs. On top of the iconic mall culture, the city has also been nurturing fashion labels pushing creative boundaries. Brands such as Sretsis offer fantasy-like designs, while small shops like Frank Garcon are attracting young people with affordable price tags.

Studio Play
WGSN Original Image / Studio Play

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