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Colour spotlight: US women’s pink apparel S/S 23

Bright pink, pastel pink and Orchid Flower on the catwalk
Valentino | Miu Miu | Moschino
Aug 03, 2022

After pastel pinks dominated e-commerce assortments during the pandemic, digital-friendly brights have taken over the catwalks and social media. Pastels are in decline as the market shifts into bright, medium and dark pink. Using our AI-driven TrendCurve+ methodology, we spotlight pink apparel in the US women’s market for S/S 23.

TrendCurve+ forecast: Slow riser

Pink has hovered between 8% and 9.5% of womenswear for the past four years. Although seasonality typically peaks in summer, the colour saw a slight uptick in A/W 21/22. It is currently on a slow growth trend, which is projected to continue in S/S 23.

While pastels still hold the highest contribution across the shades of pink, the market has been mixing into bright and medium tones in recent seasons. Based on TrendCurve+ analysis, we round up five shades of pink to watch in the women’s US apparel market.

Colour Spotlight: Pink Apparel

1. Pastel pink

Pastel pink has reached saturation point and is projected for a slow decline in S/S 23. While still forecasted at 69.2% of all pink products, retailers should contract pastels to showcase bright and medium pinks.

Pastel pink
Miu Miu

2. Bright pink

Bright pinks have been gaining traction since autumn 2021. #HyperPink was showcased prominently on A/W 22/23 catwalks and is currently driving social media engagement. This is projected to translate to expanded retail assortments in S/S 23.

Bright pink

3. Medium pink

Medium pink has been on an upwards trajectory since autumn 2021 and is projected to continue into S/S 23.

Medium pink
Paco Rabanne

4. Dark pink

Dark pink is projected for slow growth in S/S 23 and will hold the smallest mix share across pink. Spring growth is atypical as seasonality historically favours winter months.

Dark pink

5. Orchid Flower

Orchid Flower, WGSN’s Colour of the Year 2022, has doubled in mix share since autumn 2021. Growth is expected to continue in S/S 23 at a slower pace.

Orchid Flower

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