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Beauty brands are leveraging TV and film partnerships to engage with switched-off consumers

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Mar 16, 2023 By WGSN Insider

Struggling to reach consumers through previously successful methods, beauty brands are turning to entertainment to increase sales and connect with new audiences.

“Amid an ongoing attention recession, beauty brands are struggling to engage with overstimulated consumers, who are switching off entirely and engaging in advertising avoidance,” says Melanie Larsen, Strategist at WGSN Insight. 

“In fact, in the US alone, 82% of consumers have reduced their exposure to online advertising, forcing beauty brands to find new and innovative solutions to cut through the clutter and reach people.”

Here are some of the tactics Melanie Larsen says beauty brands are employing.

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Beauty brand sponsorships

In recent years, beauty labels have pivoted to the entertainment space to increase brand awareness and engagement as well as drive sales. Beauty brands are forging short-term entertainment partnerships, engaging in collaborations and entering sponsorship deals, which are proving highly successful.

Look to UK beauty retailer Boots, which in May 2022 sponsored UK broadcaster ITV’s Love Island for the second time following a 61% increase in product sales following its initial sponsorship. Some beauty brands are experimenting with event sponsorships to gain brand exposure in new markets. In November 2022, L’Oréal Group sponsored The Red Sea International Film Festival with its two brands L’Oréal Paris and L’Oréal Professional to increase its presence in the Middle East. 

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Limited-edition collaborations

Another tactic is to lean on traditional limited-edition collaboration strategies by teaming up with film studios to promote and benefit from the anticipation and excitement ahead of new releases. In October 2022, MAC Cosmetics teamed up with Marvel Studios, unveiling a limited-edition Black Panther: Wakanda Forever make-up collection inspired by the sequel’s warriors ahead of its November release. 

We’re also seeing the resurgence of beauty and museum partnerships. Nail polish label J. Hannah partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the third time in October 2022. The duo launched a nail polish collection inspired by the Flemish artist Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger’s 1597 portrait of Ellen Maurice, offering museum visitors an opportunity to take a tangible piece of the exhibition with them. 

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Entertainment or creator partnerships: which one is right for your brand?

Entertainment partnerships like these really set themselves apart from simply tapping a celebrity or a creator, as they don’t strictly focus on commerce and content. Collaborating with the entertainment industry benefits brands by evoking an emotional connection with the audience.

Although enlisting a creator or celebrity provides beauty brands with an opportunity to leverage their vast fanbase, entertainment partnerships extend beyond that, meeting consumers where they are. People have grown increasingly savvy and consume content from a variety of different sources, so brands must stay informed and connect with them wherever they spend time. 

These partnerships also offer beauty brands the opportunity to enter new geographical markets and meet new demographics, as well as leverage new marketing opportunities. The unique advantage of entertainment partnerships is that they offer beauty brands opportunities to connect with people in an organic manner. However, to succeed, beauty labels must always ensure their values align with those of their partners.

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To find out more about entertainment partnerships and learn how to action these for your business strategy, request a free personalised tour and one of our experts will be in touch to find a day and time that best works for you and your team.

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