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A.I. Aqua: WGSN X Coloro Color of 2021

A.I. Aqua: WGSN X Coloro Color of 2021
A.I. Aqua: WGSN X Coloro Color of 2021
Mar 14, 2019 By WGSN Insider

As we journey towards 2021, technology will not just be about what it can do, but what we can do with it.

In collaboration with our sister brand Coloro, we are releasing our five key colors for S/S 21 and A.I. Aqua is our tech-inspired hero color for the year, with a digital quality that’s set to have key relevance in 2021.

In a year where the digital world will become faster, more efficient, and in turn we will become even more connected and aligned. The hyped concepts around Augmented Reality (A.R.) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), that were out of reach for many, will become readily available – and closer to reaching their full potential.

With the introduction of 5G, we will be able to stream and communicate like never before. Our lives will connect closer to technology, our homes will become tech hubs (communicating with our cars and wearables), and voice activation will become the norm.

We will see our online persona become as important as our offline persona. We will curate our online identities using these new tools available to us. And, as with digital revolutions like Esports, digital fashion and design will become fully embraced.

A.I. Aqua offers true versatility.

It can look both sporty and trend-forward, making it perfect for designs that inhabit the blurred space between active and fashion. It also has true tech-appeal. A recent survey of the tones used on the world’s biggest websites, found blue easily outstripped others, and shades of blue, used prominently in tech – are set to become more immersive.

And as fashion and lifestyle trends cross-pollinate more rapidly, we predict A.I. Aqua will have major commercial appeal.

Use this effervescent tone across genders and product categories. From head to toe menswear silhouettes to billowing womenswear dresses this shade makes waves when used as a stand-alone hue or when styled tonally with pops of navy and electric cobalt.

As we introduced Quiet Wave as a key colour for 2021 that elicits both physical and psychological feelings of preparation, A.I. Aqua is an emotional tone that triggers focus and clarity. By 2021, either on or off screen, we will see its full impact.

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