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5 Key denim trends from Kingpins S/S 24

KingPins WGSN - 5 denim trends S/S 24
KingPins WGSN - 5 denim trends S/S 24
Nov 04, 2022 By WGSN Insider

Kingpins, the influential denim supply chain event, happened in Amsterdam this October, where they hosted conversations, workshops and seminars with guests from nearly 700 companies, from across 6 continents. 

The WGSN Fashion team was on the ground to capture the key discussions and industry innovations presented at the event and today we highlight 5 denim trends S/S24, covered on our newly published Kingpins S/S 24 report. 

What will the denim industry look like in 10 years

Nicole Ajimal, WGSN Fashion's Fabric and Sourcing Strategist, participated in the talk "Future Talent 2032" where she discussed with other industry experts how the denim market will look in 10 years time, from the talent pool to the changes that the last few years will bring to the industry. 

From the discussion, they spoke about the importance of collaboration between the existing working generation and the new generation of students starting. Exploring how using mentoring and reverse-mentoring can help the new professionals coming in into the industry since there are things both can learn from each now that there are more innovative ways of working as we move into a digital world and better sustainable practices. 

Other key topics discussed were versatility and adaptability. As we encounter so much unprecedented change within the world now is the time to think about how we need to proceed to guarantee we are showing empathy towards each other, with sustainability starting at the design stage and making sure that it is not only focused on the material but also the full process of denim development. 

Kingpins - 5 Key Denim Trends S/S 242

#1 Dusted Browns

Natural dyes and low-impact over-dyeing give an earthy caste for sandy, desert-inspired browns

KingPins WGSN - Dusted Browns
Nicole Ajimal / @Crescent Bahuman Ltd

#2 Overworked craft

Handcrafted, heirloom denim with tactile threads and painterly colour to bring joy to the reworked for an expressive, DIY customisation

KingPins WGSN - Overworked craft
Nicole Ajimal / @Soorty Denim

#3 Digital darks

The cross-overs of digital technology and utility combine for an alternative moody denim narrative for a futuristic look

KingPins WGSN - Digital darks
Nicole Ajimal / @Circle Book #3

#4 Sheeny lightness

Man-made cellulosics and lower-impact synthetics bring subtle sheen and drape to lightweight denim

KingPins WGSN - Sheeny lightness
Nicole Ajimal / @Panther Denim

#5 Classic workwear stripes

Classic workwear stripes take on a vintage, worn and faded character, paying homage to heritage indigo

KingPings WGSN - Classic workwear stripes
Nicole Ajimal / @Kassim Denim

WGSN subscribers can now read our full breakdown of the key trends presented at the event, and how they will impact product development for the denim industry, from our Kingpins S/S 24 report

If you are not a client but want to access the material, talk to one of our team members to learn how you can subscribe to WGSN Fashion.

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