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3 S/S 22 kids' prints and graphics trends

a girl and boy in slogans t-shirts
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Nov 08, 2021 By WGSN Insider

Brands return to commercially proven themes and diversify print offerings across kidswear categories for S/S 22. Across the board, newness is found in joyful basics, returning vacation graphics and emotive expressions. Discover three kids’ prints and graphics trends for next summer.

Supportive slogans

Meaningless statements are being replaced by emotive expressions and supportive slogans, as noted in our S/S 22 Design-Wise and Connected Forecasts. Brands are recognising that parents and Gen A are becoming more conscious of the importance of diversity, inclusion and thoughtful support. As a result, positive slogans are here to stay, with the emphasis on optimism and joyful expression to add a dose of empowerment to collections.

Furry friends

Pet motifs are firmly established as a must-have theme looking ahead. Building from our 2021 Key Icons report, this has grown in popularity as customers continue to celebrate their furry friends. Dachshunds and vacationing pets are set to be commercial winners in the coming year.

a girl in boy standing next to tree in dog print jumper
Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Summer stripes

Warm colour palettes and varying stripe weights offer a refreshed take on resort stripes. Designs are inspired by summer umbrellas, deck chairs and beach towels, as highlighted by our Energising Stripes trend. Stripes in warm tones and sky blues stand out as commercial winners for the year ahead.

girl dancing in street
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