What is Mindset?

We work with you to identify your next growth opportunity by leveraging the combined expertise of our trend team, our unrivaled insight on future trends and our data warehouse.

How we can help

We help you stay relevant by understanding what trends mean for you, when and how to adopt them.

Regardless of what industry you work in, you need to ensure your brand stays relevant. In order to do this, early insights into changes in behaviours, attitudes and beliefs of consumers and any shifts in culture, economy and technology are key.

These changes are revealed through macro trends. We see them in what we eat, where we live and how we connect with each other. And whether we’re aware of it or not, they dictate the products consumers want and the services they crave. Connecting the dots among future macro trends is a key skill to master to spot your next growth opportunity.

The most important question we ask at WGSN is: “Is this trend right for your brand, given your DNA and target consumer?”. If yes, you need to know when to adopt it.


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Why we are different

We only work on projects where we help:

We know what we can and can’t deliver. If we cannot answer your brief, we will tell you straight away.

We take your knowledge and evolve it:

We are listeners and observers by nature and acknowledge the fact that you know your business better than we do. We build further on your foundations and will use your insights and complement it with our outsider’s view.

We come from your industry:

Our consultants have sat on your side of the table. They come from fashion, design and consumer research backgrounds.

We bring the power of our entire network to you:

WGSN is a truly global community of creative leaders, practitioners, influencers. Working with us gives you access to the network we’ve built over 20 years.

We don’t find problems, we create solutions:

We don’t focus on the problems, we leverage the strengths of your brand to find solutions for your business.

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What we deliver

Creative and innovation workshops:

We are often asked to deliver these workshops to inspire your team and develop their creative thinking. We take trends and big data alongside your brief to co-create alternative solutions together.

Consumer roadmaps and personas:

It is all about your consumer, yet many brands start with their product or category. Alternatively, other businesses struggle to align their teams around their consumer needs and dreams. We can bring your consumer to life and ensure all your teams know who they are, what they want and fall in love with them.

Bespoke trend reports, presentations and briefings:

Whether you are opening in a new market or restructuring your business, we can create an ad-hoc trend report or deliver an in-house presentation.

Retail safari:

Identify a new market or inspire your design and marketing teams with an itinerary custom-made for your needs.

Trend academies:

Build a solid understanding of how global trends translate locally applying brand and market filters to create commercially viable products through these 1 to 5 day workshops.

Retained consultancies:

Have the WGSN Mindset team members as an extension of your team. Involve them in your design and marketing processes, involve them in your executive meetings to spark your best thinking or obtain research about your most pressing issues.

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Questions we help answer

Our clients want us to help them ask the right questions, plus direct them to also find the answers.


How does my marketing strategy need to evolve to capture the attention of Gen Z?

The most successful brands in the world are consumer-centric. With early insights into shifts in consumer behaviours and attitudes from all over the world, we are able to give you global macro trends as well as local nuances. We work with brands to further understand their core audience, grow into new ones and support you to have your internal teams to ruthlessly focus around their needs and worlds.


Who are the key players in the athleisure market?

With eyes and ears across the world, we are able to spot shifts in trends across technology, culture, arts and, of course, consumers. By connecting different macro trends together, we are able to spot emerging new markets and categories as well as new players popping up. We know what your existing, new, unexpected competitors and partners look like.


What does my target persona look like now and in 5 years?

With access to WGSN predictions at five years and retail and consumer perception data today, we are able to work with you to understand what this means for your target consumer.


I want to enter the Brazilian market, what are the key consumer attitudes I need to be tapping into?

When you buy WGSN Mindset, you buy an understanding of global shifts and local knowledge. Our global Mindset experts come from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds and all have a truly internal experience.


How do WGSN’s Vision trends apply to my market?

WGSN macro trends gives you an understanding of how the environment surrounding your brand will change in the next two to five years. But what does it mean for your business? How can you prepare for it and when should you adopt or adapt these trends?

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How we work


Review and revise your brief:

It all starts with you and your challenge or vision.


Start with future trends:

Macro trends across industries at 2, 5 and 10 years are the starting point to build the context of our work together. Substantial trend shifts in consumers, technology, culture, design and retail will change your playing field.


Analyse your market and context:

Zooming in the market in terms of consumer you want to serve gives you an understanding of potential new and future growth opportunities.


Supplement with big data:

Alongside insights into key trends, we rely on our retail, product and consumer big data today.


Filter through our expert network:

We combine the diverse industry knowledge of our consultants to identify the trends that are most meaningful to you.


Co-create solutions:

We know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we develop new strategy, product and innovation solutions with you.

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Who we are

We are book nerds. We are cultural zeitgeists. We are your customers. We are global citizens. We are frequent flyers. We are from Scotland. America. Australia. New Zealand. France. India. Spain. Colombia. Most importantly, we are your extended team with eyes and ears in 14 countries.

Meet the experts

Greer Hughes

Consultant Director, EMEA, Mindset

Greer’s global experience in design, strategy and consumer insights informs her belief that by understanding the signs of change, clients can create the future they want. She leads WGSN’s Mindset team in EMEA, providing bespoke solution-driven consultancy that marries creativity and strategy for industries including beauty, fashion, retail, and food and drink.

Greer utilises time spent in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and the UK to enable clients to apply global trends to their businesses in actionable ways.

A patron of the arts, Greer channels her lack of pottery skills into supporting local ceramicists in London and on her travels.

Helen Sac

Consultant Director, APAC, Mindset

As leader of WGSN’s consultancy business in Asia Pacific, Helen works hand in hand with our most valued clients to develop bespoke solutions that enable insight-driven creativity and strategic growth.

Based in Australia, Helen has lived and worked in the UK, Europe and Asia, developing a unique global perspective across continents and cultures. A seasoned speaker, she has presented at fashion weeks, industry events, conferences and trade shows around the world.

Filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure, Helen is currently obsessed with #slowcraft and adventures with four-legged friends

Kim Mannino

Trend Director, Mindset

Kim delivers trends through a bespoke lens, providing 30 years of forecasting experience while imparting a wealth of knowledge when communicating concepts to clients.

A graduate of London College of Fashion in fashion design and production, Kim worked at a variety of forecasting companies before joining WGSN 8 years ago. She has consulted with all design markets and at all levels, from top designers, fibre and fabric manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers, to hypermarkets and supermarkets. She has also lectured on many degree courses.

Kim always has a creative project on the go, from upholstery and decorating, to sewing and knitting.

Ashley Krupnik

Consultant Director, EMEA, Mindset

Every business has unique challenges, which is why Ashley is driven to deliver bespoke solutions rooted in the relationship between insights, creativity and behaviour.

Ashley's background in digital and brand strategy informs her consulting approach, with a specialism in beauty, B2C and lifestyle brands. Inspired by market and consumer nuances, she applies future forecasting methodologies to develop business and brand strategies with actionable, measurable outputs.

Ashley is passionate about innovation in the digital space and was named one of the Top 50 digital experts in the UK on The Drum’s 2018 list.

Maria Eugenia Errobidarte

Senior Consultant, EMEA Mindset

María Eugenia serves brands identifying whitespace opportunities through her methodical analysis of market insights. Co-leading the team of trend researchers across EMEA, she focuses on filtering the key drivers of change by building strong relationships with her clients, which enable them to foster long-term opportunities and success.

An experienced public speaker, María Eugenia has presented at large corporate events and trade shows, such as MICAM Milano. She has also consulted for businesses across fashion, beauty and interiors.

Coming from Argentine and Spanish roots, María Eugenia is a true foodie and cannot resist a fried empanada criolla or crispy paella Valenciana.

Jess Tang

Senior Consultant, APAC, Mindset

A multicultural creative strategist, Jess is passionate about broadening the world’s understanding of Asia. Coming from a hybrid background in psychology and design, she uncovers the desires of consumers and translates them into brand and product strategies for companies in developed and emerging markets in the region.

Jess founded @dumplingcommons on Instagram, which is followed by professionals from companies such as Dover Street Market, Google, LVMH, Space 10 and The Future Laboratory.

Jess also leads Nice People Club (Ascential’s CSR initiative) in APAC, empowering youth in a digital economy.

Chloé Jerrard

Senior Consultant, EMEA Mindset

Chloé works to improve brand experiences by combining strategy and research to implement across all brand touchpoints. She leverages multiple research methodologies in consumer, market insights and design trends for global clients across consumer electronics, retail, beverage, automotive, interiors and hospitality.

Chloé’s background in strategy and industrial design informs deliveries for actionable recommendations, having worked closely with Asia-born EV brands through to global drinks businesses to define a brand's future vision.

Chloé is passionate about the continued discovery of colour as a transformative tool in tailoring perceptions, communicating meaning and enhancing offers.

Cherry Kim

Senior Consultant, NA, Mindset

Cherry is a creative strategist who uses her analytical skills to extract consumer and industry insight and develop innovative approaches to drive global brand success. She delivers best-in-class market development and provides data-driven recommendations to support business growth and strategic product development, branding and marketing efforts.

Cherry’s expertise in consumer insights, digital marketing and trend forecasting helps clients find a competitive edge. She has worked with prominent retailers including Samsung, LG, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Woolworths SA and El Palacio de Hierro.

With two Gen Alpha kids, Cherry spends her free time obsessing about the latest technology for modern parenting.

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