Insights, informações e inspiração vindos de todos os lugares do mundo

Formada por 440 especialistas em diferentes indústrias, analistas de dados e consultores espalhados por 30 cidades e cinco continentes, nossa equipe trabalha para prever onde e quando as próximas tendências irão surgir. Cobrindo segmentos como Fashion, Beauty , Food & Drink , Interiors e Consumer Tech, nós analisamos as tendências de comportamento, estilo de vida e design que estão mudando a indústria, hoje e amanhã.

Com sedes espalhadas pelo mundo, nós produzimos mais de 170 matérias e previsões mensais em seis línguas.

Conheça a nossa equipe

Adrien Mollet
Lead Consultant, Mindset
Adrien combines his creative background and commercial acumen to define future strategies and innovation territories while differentiating brand positioning, all informed by 10 years' of strategic advisory and cultural foresight.
Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell
Director of Insight
Part trend forecaster, part futurist, Andrea has in-depth knowledge of the consumer marketplace and behavioural shifts that impact society. She leads our future consumer analysis and works with global brands to create world-class strategies. 
Athena Chen
Senior Strategist, Insight
Athena has worked extensively in the creative and fashion industry, delivering a strategic perspective on global mindsets and how brands can shape ideas through creativity and innovation. With bilingual expertise in tracking regional trends, she is receptive to market and cultural nuances, and provides businesses with insight into topics related to Asia.
Bethan Ryder
Editorial Director
Collaborating with a global team of senior editors, analysts and consultants, Bethan is the lynchpin working across content, marketing and product, ensuring WGSN continues to lead the way as a world-class information service.
Catriona Macnab
Vice President, Content
Catriona’s strategic vision enables WGSN’s continued growth into new markets and verticals. During 16 years of service, she has represented the company at key business events and was behind the launch of many of our successful new products.
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman
Vice President, Lifestyle
Chris has exceptional knowledge of product innovation and the role data and creativity plays in future strategies. He leads a team of strategists, analysts and trend forecasters to deliver actionable content, analysing shifts in consumer behaviour and how it drives product design and experiences.