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WGSN is the global authority on change, using expert trend forecasting combined with data science to help you get ahead of the right trends.

We do this through consumer insight, product design direction and trading strategies so you can create sustainably and land the right trends at the right time to maximise sales.

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Consumer Insight

Know your consumers and stay ahead of lifestyle shifts with unrivalled insight into the way they’ll think, feel and behave for years to come.

Through detailed and accurate consumer forecasts and expert consultancy services, we show how consumer behaviours, interests and tastes will shape how they live, work and play. This enables you to anticipate big lifestyle shifts and develop products and services that meet consumer needs.

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Product Design

Get inspiring design direction to create the products, experiences and services consumers will want to buy in the future; from how they should look and taste to feel and function.

Through expert, data driven trend forecasting and design direction, we help you gain market share by knowing the right trends and translating them into beautifully designed products and packaging that set you apart and are sustainably sensitive.

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Accurately land products at the right time, in the right volumes with effective retail and communication strategies and predictive data analytics.

Through data-backed subscription and consultancy services, we get you ahead of the trends and tell you precisely where to place your bets. We also arm you with effective retail and communication strategies to maximise brand engagement and sales.

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The outdoor boom is one of the biggest and most versatile trends of recent years, and WGSN called it in 2015.

To find out what’s next for the outdoor boom in your industry, and how WGSN can help get you ahead, explore our trend confirmation.

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Online - Presented in Portuguese
What to expect from the interiors industry in 2025
April 16, 2024

Join our expert, Raquel Dommarco, in this open webinar as she explores the most significant opportunities and products that will resonate in the interiors market over the next two years. Raquel will also discuss how these trends will meet the needs of future consumers in 2025. This 30-minute session is a great way to discover how WGSN can help your business grow through more informed and assertive decision-making.



Online - Presented in Spanish
The interiors trends you need to know for 2025
April 16, 2024

In this 30-minute webinar, discover what consumers will look for in the spaces they live, work, play, and rest in and what products will resonate most for the four consumer profiles that will emerge in the next two years. This is a one-time opportunity to take a look at how WGSN platforms can help your team reach new rights of efficiency. 

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