Create interior products and spaces that resonate and inspire

WGSN Interiors trend forecasting provides actionable recommendations for future design directions so you can create products and spaces that resonate and inspire.

Our up-to-the-minute trends and two-, five- and 10-year strategic forecast analyses across consumer, lifestyle and product design, help you stay ahead of the right trends, and translate them into desirable products and experiences for your future consumers.

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WGSN offers trend forecasting subscriptions and bespoke consultancy services to help create interior products and spaces that will resonate with and inspire your future consumers. 

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Interiors - Product FocusBed & Bath, Decorative Accessories, DIY & Craft, Furniture & Lighting, Garden & Outdoor, Gifting, Kitchen & Dining, Pets, Seasonable Events, Stationery, Teens, Kids & Babies, Textiles.

Interiors - Forecasts & ReportsOur unrivalled combination of trusted trend research, backed by data, to deliver accurate and actionable forecasts and reports, including Product and CMF Forecasts & Trends, Personas, Big Ideas, Future Of interiors categories, and Trend Curve analysis.

Interior - tradeshow The latest trends, key items and brands direct from the world’s most important trade shows – both IRL and virtual

Interior - design toolsPrints and graphics and colour libraries available for use and copyright free. City by City guides with hyper-local curated insights.

interior - trendtalk and webinarAccess to exclusive invite-only Trend Talks and webinars on current topics, including Big Ideas, Future Innovations, Social Media Drivers, Seasonal Trends, Future Consumer and Global Colour.

Interiors - FeedDaily inspiration, fresh ideas and key emerging trends from across the world curated by our global trend experts.

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Biophilic Design

In 2016, we identified the growing need to reconnect more authentically with nature as a key driver impacting consumer behaviour at an increasingly large scale. Having taken on added relevance after nature helped so many people through periods of isolation, biophilic design is now imperative to both products and spaces, across residential as well as commercial environments.

Explore our trend confirmation to find out how WGSN helped clients get ahead of the biophilic design trend.

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WGSN's consumer, lifestyle and product design forecasts power the most valuable global brands.*

We’re experts in interiors. We have a proven track record in inspiring some of the world’s largest companies to create desirable ranges and spaces you use every day.

*Interbrand Best Global Brands 2020

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