At-home beauty tech sees a lockdown boom

November 10, 2020

“Brands can connect with skintelligent consumers who want to understand their skin better” – Jenni Middleton,

All Hail The Granny Pant, 2020’s Sexiest Knicker

November 8, 2020

“The empowering message is the same as that of the granny knicker crew – sexy is what whatever a girl feels like being sexy in,” – Jo Lynch

Trend Forecasters on Women’s Gifts to Buy Before They Sell Out

October 29, 2020

“The trend has been super-relevant since last year, and the demand for these sorts of styles has only accelerated,” – Ana Correa

This Color Trend Report Is Predicting Happy Hues for a Post-Pandemic World

October 28, 2020

“Nature has been and will continue to be a huge driver; not only do muted tones feel comforting, they also connect us to the outdoors,” – Jenny Clark

What’s the Best Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled Jewelry Under $100?

October 23, 2020

“Certain items like zodiac signs or protective charms are really on the rise.” – Ana Correa

The Evolution of Omnichannel

October 27, 2020

“Develop personalisation that offers entry points and [ensure] recommendations reflect current consumer interests. For instance, accelerate the implementation of buy now, pay later programmes.”  – Laura Saunter

It’s a Hellscape Out There. Try a Galette.

October 10, 2020

Kara Nielsen, trend forecaster at WGSN, a London-based forecasting company, affirmed and traced the galette’s recent rise in the United States for me over the phone.

What could our lives be like in 2025? Futurists think Americans may eat, fly and go to school differently post-COVID

September 24, 2020

“More diners will want plant-based meat alternatives because of concerns about the impact of meat on health, labor and the environment,” – Kara Nielsen

Why Millennial Pink Interiors Are Too Soft for the Tense Times We’re Living In

September 22, 2020

“In interiors, [pink] remains important and has morphed into a warm, tinted neutral—blurring the line between pink and beige as a refined, yet muted and quite versatile hue,” – Gemma...

The Pandemic Will Only Intensify America’s Love Affair With the Pumpkin Spice Latte

September 22, 2020

“There’s so much unrest and uncertainty right now that the return of PSL brings some normalcy to this weird year.” — Kara Nielsen

Emerald Green Is Fall 2020’s Must-Try Color

September 12, 2020

“In this digital-first world, green’s success lies in its ability to stand out on Instagram grids, boldly popping amongst a sea of minimalist neutral tones” – Polly Walters

The Color Experts Have Spoken: 6 Trending Hues That Make A Space Feel Like Home

September 11, 2020

“There is definitely rising importance of brights: people are growing more confident in their color choices, so they bring saturated hues within their homes with a freer mix & match...

Our Year of Nap Dresses & Tie Dye

September 1, 2020

“Fashion is intrinsically linked to consumer and societal attitudes, it gives us a true reflection of how we live our lives,” – Francesca Muston, VP of Fashion Content

Are At-Home Face Masks Vital For Peace Of Mind Now?

August 21, 2020

“At-home face masks or any other kind of leave-in product will become important as part of a brand’s portfolio as consumers will be looking for DIY and at-home self-care solutions.”...

In The Era Of Filters, Dispelling The Stigma Of Scarred Skin Is More Important Than Ever

August 18, 2020

“In an era of Facetune, filter culture and identikit ‘Instafaces’, perfection is presented as the standard, making anyone who doesn’t conform to that feel separate or less.” – Clare Varga,...

Can the fashion industry successfully break TikTok?

July 28, 2020

“Not only did the pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home orders in many countries result in an uptick in TikTok’s user base, but brands realised that they had to follow the consumer.” – Sarah...

Has The Acne-Positivity Movement Actually Got Us Anywhere?

July 28, 2020

“It’s not that they’re making spots cool exactly — although they sort of do — but they’re stopping people feeling they need to hide their spots away.”  – Clare Varga,...

Is 2020 the year that refillable beauty will finally take off?

July 17, 2020

“Gen Z have environmental concerns hard woven into their worldview as they have grown up at a time when our impact on the planet is increasingly visible,” – Jenni Middleton,...

The future of the beauty business

July 7, 2020

“We’ll now see a further move towards the ‘buy less but better’ mentality, there’ll be a redefining of ‘value’ that goes beyond just cost.” – Clare Varga, Head of Beauty

How to wear your hair and make-up with a face mask, according to beauty experts

July 17, 2020

“As the eye becomes the focus of the face, it will also become the focus of the make-up bag, with mascara, eyebrow kits and pencils, eye shadows and eyeliners uptrending,”...