Feiras e palestras

Hong Kong

Lifestyles of the Future

Abril 21, 2018

Now and in the next couple years, customers’ purchase decision will be made based on emotion. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to curate a space that aligns with customer’s lifestyle and connects with their emotion. From connected space to flexible home, you’ll get inspiration on products needed to curate different spaces including retail, work and hospitality.



The Robots are coming: Beauty Webinar

Abril 26, 2018

Beauty products and treatments that incorporate the latest AI technologies and tap into the consumer’s mental and physical health should be at the top of any brand’s product development strategy. Join Theresa Yee, Senior Beauty Editor and Emma Grace Bailey, Associate Beauty Editor for our Beauty Webinar.
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São Paulo


Abril 26, 2018

WGSN no SPFW é um evento exclusivo, que reúne clientes e convidados no Cinemark do Iguatemi São Paulo para assistir palestras apresentadas pelo nosso time de Experts. Nessa edição do SPFW N45, apresentaremos a Visão para 2019 e a análise de passarelas femininas O/I 2019. Palestrantes:
Bruna Ortega
Eva Farah
Luiza Loyola
Mariana Santiloni


FORWARD Festival

Abril 27, 2018

How will people shop differently and what will they expect from brands in 2020? Join us for The Future Consumer 2020 where our Trend Expert, Amy Hendry, will present the three global drivers that will disrupt consumer behaviour, alongside the major priorities and profiles that will emerge in 2020.