WGSN Releases new consumer forecasts in “Future Consumer 2023”

Mar 09, 2021

The white paper provides a clear business roadmap for growth and consumer engagement strategies from now to 2023.

London, March 9, 2021 — WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, today released Future Consumer 2023, a white paper that provides a clear business roadmap for growth and consumer engagement strategies from now to 2023.

After a year of reset, businesses are now looking ahead for opportunities in the aftermath of uncertainty. Consumer perception of products and experiences has shifted, redefining global consumption and priorities. The shadow effects of time uncertainty, emotional overload and a yearning for brighter days will still resonate in 2023. How we feel will have greater impact on how we spend. 

For businesses, it’s never been more crucial to be aligned with the needs and desires of the consumer to ensure you create the products they’ll prioritise. Future Consumer 2023 underlines the actions needed right now to deliver on that. 

Carla Buzasi, President & CEO of WGSN, commented: “With detailed consumer-focused engagement strategies, Future Consumer 2023 helps you create opportunities for growth – despite disruption and uncertainty – and align your executive team to deliver on that vision.”

Andrea Bell, Director of WGSN Insight, explained: “As well as exploring consumer sentiments such as ‘time perception’ and ‘hope’, the white paper sets out four consumer profiles that will shape the world around us: The Predictors, The New Romantics, The Impossibles and The Conductors.”

Beyond how these groups will feel and behave, Future Consumer 2023 also sets out how consumers will want to experience your products and services. From the power of pre-order as an anxiety buster to the metaverse markets (shared digital realms transforming how consumers shop, work, play and learn), brands and retailers must adapt to consumers that are occupying two spaces full-time: the physical home and the digital world.

“As we break down the silos between physical and digital commerce, brands must adapt quickly. If you don’t meet your customers where they are, someone else will.” says Andrea Bell

A sample of the white paper can be downloaded at no cost here.

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