WGSN calls out the trends to watch for CES 2022

Nov 19, 2021

Air taxis, a focus on sound, and space as the final commercial frontier are among the trends expected to feature at CES 2022.

LONDON, November 19, 2021 – WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, today releases the key predictions for CES 2022. From the future of space tourism and autonomous urban air mobility to climate action and the rising tide of the metaverse, the trends are informed by WGSN’s unique, data-driven methodology.

According to Lisa Yong, Director of Consumer Tech at WGSN: “The hybrid CES experience of in-person and virtual, digital attendance in 2022 perfectly mirrors the confluence of physical and digital influences in our lives. We’re looking forward to seeing how our early forecasting will come alive at the show. From climate-positive solutions for a sustainable tech future and advancements in metaverse realities with digital assets and avatar-first innovations to being immersed in a hyper-personalised multi-sensorial sound experience, and where flights of fantasy become a reality when it comes to urban air mobility and the dream of space travel.”

The key CES trends to watch in 2022 are:

  • Space 2.0 – Big tech players are betting on space as the final commercial frontier. Space 2.0, fuelled by private players, is an industry projected to grow by over $1tn by 2030. As CES 2022 opens a Space Tech category, expect to see significant innovations in this area. Expect to see space tourism, robotic capabilities, habitation proposals and newfound resources to be present at CES 2022.
  • Air taxis – The autonomous urban air mobility (UAM) market is on track to be worth $1.5tn globally by 2040 according to Morgan Stanley Research, so expect to see continued UAM buzz at CES. 2022 is set to see the launch of the first air taxis in Dubai. Autonomous vehicles, more efficient batteries and advanced manufacturing techniques are driving this trend, accelerated by consumers’ desire for more personal and private forms of transportation due to ongoing urban traffic congestion and Covid-19 disruptions.
  • Sustainability in focus: With Samsung’s keynote at CES set to explore the theme ‘Age of Togetherness’ – a call-to-action to mitigate climate change – sustainability in tech is set to be a hot topic. Growing awareness of the environmental impact of electronic products is increasing the pressure on consumer electronics brands to join the circular economy. Alongside moonshot climate goals, recycled materials are likely to be a key area of focus for products.
  • Sonic encounters – Sound is set to be one of the next areas of focus for innovators. Brands are developing new modes to experience music across industry categories to meet growing consumer desire for sensorial experiences and personalised sound. In the automotive industry, expect to see sound becoming increasingly immersive. In health tech, the relationship between sound and wellness is being explored, with hearables offering new opportunities for hyper-personalised sound that adapts according to users’ health needs.
  • Into the metaverse – As innovations in AR/VR reshape consumer experiences, technology companies are creating hardware and software that embraces metaverse realities. 2022 is set to be a huge year for digital assets and avatar-first launches, starting at CES, which has launched a new NFT and Digital Assets program for 2022. As the metaverse becomes a necessity for brands to enter into, tech giants and gaming companies are taking it upon themselves to quickly build out its infrastructures. Key market players are developing virtual worlds at scale, with the aim to grow digital commerce, gamification and 3D avatar economies. Avatars, or digital twins, will allow consumers to adopt new identities that might be truer versions of themselves. Innovative hardware will realise the metaverse and lead consumers to further blend the digital and physical across their lives.

The WGSN team will be on the ground at CES covering the key industry trends bubbling up, as well as the tech developments shaping the future of the industry.


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