Coloro and WGSN launch a Window to the Future of Color

Explore and immerse yourself in the future of color. 
May 04, 2022

Explore and immerse yourself in the future of color. 

London, May 3 2022Coloro, the global authority on the future of color and WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, today launched a Window to the Future of Color, showcasing the upcoming colors reflecting a mood of realignment, where consumers will adjust to rapid shifts in society and technology. Uncertainty will remain a dominant force due to the ongoing economic, political and environmental crisis, however consumers will seek ways to balance uneasiness with optimism. The five showcased hues are a window to the future of color and traverse effortlessly between digital and physical realms. 

Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro, stated “Cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset has become a powerful coping mechanism for consumers. Care, connection and community underpin our five key colors for S/S 24. From Fondant Pink and Radiant Red’s stimulating, sweet qualities nurturing a loving culture, to Elemental Blues and Nutshell’s grounding and stable attributes, and finally, Cyber Limes synthetic realism, connecting us to our ever expanding digital lives. These sensorial shades open up a window to the future of color and allow for seamless passage between our IRL and URL worlds.”

Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN added “Our five key colours speak to the rapid change which consumers are navigating on a daily basis. They reflect the ongoing desire for stability and need to nurture and care for each other in these difficult times. These colours will touch us mentally and physically, raising our energy levels or grounding us back down, they connect to the evolving, fast paced and technologically driven world we live in.”

The forecast Key Colors are listed below, with their Coloro codes. 

Fondant Pink 147-70-20

Fondant pink


Fondant Pink is a pigmented pastel with an easygoing, youthful appeal. It signals the return of sweet, mellow shades of pink that blend effortlessly with lilac and lavender shades. This color connects to feelings of delight, a sentiment that will become more important to consumers by 2024. Small moments of awe can act as an antidote to anxiety, enhancing wellbeing and slowing down our perception of time. 

Gen Z are moving this colour into the metaverse, making it feel immersive and imaginative. Fondant Pink will be used for digital gamescapes, virtual goods and phygital retail. For physical products, it will be a directional, gender-inclusive tone for occasionwear, casualwear and kidswear. Paired with a palette of pastels, this color evokes a wellness mood within residential and commercial interiors. 

Elemental Blue 117-47-13

Elemental blue


Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined mid-tone colors that speak of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. This practical color aligns to the pursuit of seeking the right balance of work, internet and possessions, representing a need for stability and moderation. Restrained and industrial in appearance, this low-key color can become surreal and experiential in a metaverse environment.

Within fashion categories, this light indigo blue appeals to all age demographics, from baby to Boomers. It aligns with reductive and circular design strategies and can be used for practical, reliable products that deliver on function and style. Elemental Blue suits a minimalist aesthetic and matte finishes, however, shimmer and hyper tactility adds newness. Forecast as an annual color, it is ideal for interior paints, furniture, home tech, transport and mobility design.

Nutshell 024-37-20

Nutshell brown


A rich and spicy brown, Nutshell is a transseasonal color that evokes warmth and reassurance. It’s inspired by the growing thrift and resale culture and consumers determined to rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship and fractional living. This color speaks to sustainability over newness and a growing nostalgic sentiment that sees consumers return to retro-inspired styles and colors.

Nutshell has an inherent warmth and tactility that connects to authenticity and craftsmanship. It’s an important colour for classic styles and investment pieces, but it can also be used to give directional designs gravitas. Prominent in wellness and hospitality design, it will expand into living spaces, beauty packaging and personal tech products. Due to its chroma, this brown works on a broad range of natural and synthetic materials.

Radiant Red 011-50-32

Radiant red


Radiant Red is a sweet and playful summer hue with a delectable quality. It confirms the importance of stimulating and emotionally engaging colours that morph effortlessly between physical and digital realms. On a deeper level, this red connects to the care economy, a key society shift forecasted by WGSN. A greater emphasis will be placed on the giving and receiving of care as people and organizations recognise how crucial this is to our wellbeing, communities and economies. Radiant Red encapsulates the need to nurture a more affectionate and loving culture.

This red feels light and youthful, yet its optimistic nature relates to all age demographics and genders. While its exuberance shouts high summer, Radiant Red is a transseasonal bright, suitable for a range of fashion categories. Brands can utilise its invigorating quality for energising self-care and wellness-led beauty, personal tech, homewares and packaging. It’s also a great colour for 3D design, virtual renders, beauty filters and virtual spaces. 

Cyber Lime 051-76-36

Cyber lime


Cyber Lime is a punchy near neon that exerts and energises the body and mind. This hyper bright green signifies the powerful connection between nature and technology. A greater emphasis on designing with nature is driving new bio-based color and material innovations. Lime green is also present in sensory, protopian digital worlds that blend organic forms with synthetic realism.

This zesty lime is gaining traction as a gender inclusive, dopamine bright in the premium and youth fashion sector. It will move into fitness, outdoor, footwear, accessories and kidswear categories, applied as an accent or statement solid color. This vibrant bright is perfect for metaverse beauty, virtual interiors and gaming products. It can also be utilised for home interiors, retail, packaging, tech accessories, e-bikes and scooters.
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