Daily insights on your brand against competitors, through the eyes of your consumer

Identify underlying patterns that are affecting consumer demand, brand perception, experience measures, competitive activity and behavioural segmentation through the most in-depth consumer survey in the fashion industry.

We offer two distinct products that dovetail to give our clients the competitive edge

Daily Brand Checkup

What consumer groups consider your brand? Who else are they thinking about? And what are they spending with them?

  • Daily surveys check your brand health and that of your competitors.
  • Assess the impact of your campaigns and any arising brand reputation issues.
  • Track your brand’s health through a comprehensive assessment of your brand versus its key peers and the total market in the US & UK.

Understand Perception Drivers

Compare your performance on key drivers of customer satisfaction – from offer (shopping experience, range and quality) to value (prices, offers, sales & promotions). The Customer Perception Map helps you to understand where to invest most effectively to win over customers and market share. The Quarterly Customer Perception Map reveals:

  • Your brand’s position relative to competitors.
  • How you compare on the detailed drivers of customer satisfaction – and where to invest most effectively to improve.
  • In the long term, movements on the CPM translate into changes in market share.

Benchmark Your Commercial Performance

Assess how you stack up in the purchase funnel.

  • Find out what percentage of consumers who consider your brand end up visiting your store, and how many who visit actually purchase.
  • See where you are outperforming – and where you are lagging – compared to the total market.
  • Dig into variations by socio-demographic group, geographical regions and clothing sizes.

Act With Insight

Access insight on your brand through daily dashboards, monthly reports and quarterly consultations with WGSN experts.

  • Custom advice on what future trends your brand should consider.
  • Onsite analysis of your brand’s results.
  • Concrete actions to take now to improve your brand’s performance.
  • Ad-hoc custom ‘trigger’ questions can be added to the syndicated survey upon request.

At A Glance:

150,000+ consumer responses yearly in the US and UK. 250+ womenswear and menswear retailers monitored.

  • Consumer behavior & category insight: stores visited, reasons for visit, products bought, amount spent
  • Brand metrics: brand affinity, preference, consideration, usage, affinity
  • Brand image and drivers: key image and brand driver metrics benchmarked against key competitors
  • Customer experience: satisfaction across all products and dozens of attributes, online and in store
  • Media metrics: buzz and ad