WGSN Analytics: Alternative Data for Financial Services

WGSN Analytics understands that traditional financial measures do not always tell the full story.   We are experts at Pricing, Sales and Share, and Consumer Perception in sectors such as Apparel, Grocery and CPG.  The combination of these unique data sets can support your own predictions of the financial health of a company and help you track key measures that could influence performance of your stocks.   Want to know more? Contact Chelsea Pichirilo, Business Development Director — Chelsea.Pichirilo@wgsn.com

To support your own analysis, our data can help answer questions such as:


  • Have out of stocks increased in the last quarter versus the same period last year?
  • Did aggregated average selling prices grow, stay the same or decline in this period?
  • How did aggregated markdown percentages change each week of this quarter?
  • What were the Black Friday average selling prices and markdown percentages versus the same period last year?
  • How did this retailer’s average selling price and markdown changes compare to their key competitors during the same period?
  • Which retailers are marking down their newly launched stocks?
  • Which retailers are top of mind and most considered for purchases
  • Understanding which retailers drive higher purchase frequency and claimed spend

Take a look at our case studies, illustrating how our propriety data sets for apparel have been used to analyse the business strategies of Under Armour, Levi’s and Boohoo.

WGSN Financial Services Experts

Sarah Murphy

Brand Insight Director, Mindset

Sarah is passionate about empowering clients with accurate, up-to-the minute data. As Brand Insight Director, she contextualises quantitative consumer data to deliver strategic insights on consumers, brand health and image.

With over 15 years of experience in market research, Sarah provides clients with valuable data and research to give them a competitive edge in their industry. Fascinated by the numbers behind business performance, she identifies key challenges and opportunities to drive growth.

Nivindya Sharma

Retail Data and Insights Director, Mindset

Nivindya’s keen understanding of consumer behaviour, expertise in data analysis and fashion knowledge underpin her role at WGSN. She contextualises retail data with consumer insight and socio-economic developments to provide clients with strategic insights into market dynamics, brand strategy and competitive know-how.

Nivindya has presented and consulted for clients spanning fashion to financial services, advising on trading, product and business challenges.

“Nourish your stomach, nourish your soul” is Nivindya’s motto. An enthusiastic cook, she likes to experiment with obscure cuisines and ingredients in her spare time.

Diana Teodorescu

Data Analyst, Mindset

Diana is responsible for analysing and interpreting everything number-related to give clients actionable data-led insights and recommendations for navigating an evolving and crowded market. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry, including merchandising and retail planning.

Since joining WGSN, Diana has undertaken numerous projects, ranging from consumer behaviour to retail market movements.

Diana’s interest in fashion extends outside of work; she documents her outfits daily, grouping them into weekly trend themes and sharing them with her Instagram following.