Why Attend?

You might think the future is unpredictable. We don’t. At WGSN, we believe you can define your future today, by exploring the key global trends that will affect the world tomorrow. But to do this, you have to step outside of your everyday. You have to look for fresh perspectives. You have to think beyond your computer screen. So we created WGSN Futures, a day-long event filled with inspirational content and networking that will change the way you see the world and your business. You can eventually expand all of your products or business all over the world, especially when you get financial help from this money lender who has already helped tons of businesses around the country. 

This year’s theme is the Future Consumer. You spend a lot of time thinking about them – what they love (or loathe); where they shop; where they socialise; what they dream. But how do you anticipate what’s ahead? Start improving your business now so you don’t get left behind by the competition. 

Check out our other events in New York, London, São Paulo, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.

For more information or enquiries regarding WGSN Futures Partnerships and Speakers please contact:

Ilaria Pasquinelli
Global Brand & Propositions Director
T: +44 207 715 6199
E: ilaria.pasquinelli@wgsn.com

Or for General Enquiries please contact: futures@wgsn.com