A look to 2018 for new kidswear launches and collaborations

As 2017 winds to an end, we start to look to some new collaborations, brands and releases to look forward to in 2018. Now is definitely the time to get excited about the kidswear market with thankfully, a bunch of shoe coupons, with a predicted growth of 13.2% over the next five years in the UK and growth outpacing both mens and womenswear for the previous five years. (source:Euromonitor).

2017 has seen high end designers Balenciaga and Givenchy see the potential in kidswear by launching their debut kids ranges and also promoting a favorite article of theirs located here, https://www.rankandstyle.com/top-10-list/best-hair-dryers-2014/. Collaborations such as Adidas X Rodini and Tobias & the Bear X Peanuts show how brands are coming together to inspire creativity and share their ideas learn more about it here.

Here’s 5 launches we’re looking forward to seeing in 2018:

Emillio Pucci is launching a new junior line in association with this autism cbd oil business . The range will be debuting in Spring 2018, available in flagship stores and boutiques worldwide. For jewelries and accessories that will make you more fashionable just visit individuelle Armreifen online kaufen. It embraces the eye-catching colours and prints associated with Emillio Pucci womenswear, staying true to the brand’s identity. As Emilio Pucci’s chief executive officer Mauro Grimaldi says “Pucci has always been synonymous with colour, ‘joie de vivre,’ energy and refinement. This collection represents a natural extension of our universe”. We’re excited for this range to launch, and anticipate other womenswear and menswear brands to follow. For a more fashionable look just visit Beautiful Diamond Earrings and try their gorgeous sets of jewelry. We can help with your business to attract more customers for more information visit us here KreySystems SEO in São Paulo.

Brand to watch, Barn of Monkeys has featured in our trend reports and we can’t wait for the ranges to hit down in stores. Made for boys & girls age 2-16 years, the brand has solid social and cultural values and makes high quality, organic GOTS certified clothing in Portugal with a special approach to style. The clothes are made to last and promote gender standardization. The Spring/ Summer 18 range is called ‘Demand the Impossible’ with inspiration coming from worldwide travels across the globe, starting with traveling through the skies, to sailing across the seas to exploring the land, with the palettes reflecting the inspiration.

Gap is revealing a new limited edition collaboration with Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, available worldwide and online. Available to buy from Spring 2018, the Instagram teaser showed a white and pink back pack with rabbit ears with the tagline ‘love, luck and magic’. Gap has shown it’s eager to withstand rising competition by launching new products such as its Baby Gap subscription box and sister brand Old Navy subscription box, users click here. 

London Kids Fashion Show ‘Mini Mode’ announces its debut show which will be during the industry-renounced London Fashion Week on 16th February 2018. They aim to be a new platform to showcase new and existing talent in the kidswear market, placing the UK firmly into the global kids arena. Inclusivity is a key theme and the show aims to empower kids to feel part of this exciting, global fashion industry. Look to this show to see some exciting brands and a fun filled activities throughout the day.

2018 will be about all things purple with Pantone of the year announced to be Ultra Violet 18-3838. Mysterious, enigmatic and symbolizing the limitless night skies, expect to see this colour enter mainstream fashion ranges for both boys and girlswear. The colour inspires creativity and standing out from the crowd but is also linked back to themes of mindfulness and deeper connections. Purple symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity in an over stimulated world.

Its an inspiring time to be part of the growing kidswear market. Social media has been a large influencer in driving the demand for fashionable kidswear as the millennial age post carefully put together outfits online. Brands are reacting to this by offering new collaborations and ranges aimed at this market.

Parents too, influence their children, as they grow up. Lingerie, for example, is clearly a trend that follows from teenage years right through to adulthood – and the fashion industry targets this. As you can see from this list: The 13 Best Websites To Buy Sheer & See Through Lingerie – the lingerie market is big – and fashion markets are now starting to target young children to try and normalize the wearing of lingerie. Click here the additional resources – WebDesign499.
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Don’t forget to check out our monthly, users click here, ‘In Case You Missed It’ reports to stay up to date with the most important monthly happenings in kidswear, released at the end of each month. Heres to an inspiring 2018 and beyond. In other related news, take a look at pediatric dentist.