You're My Obsession: Kate Moss

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’ve always loved a great T-shirt. (My favorite T-shirt of all time is Katharine Hamnett’s original “Choose Life” slogan shirt). I’m sort of a T-shirt freak in the way that some people are sneaker freaks – the more it costs, the harder it is to find, the more I feel like I HAVE to have it. My current T-shirt obsession is this Kate Moss shirt from SoCal skate/streetwear label, Premium Label. I love that it combines high fashion with an edgy/bootleg asthetic – to me it feels much more like a shirt you might find at a progressive boutique like Colette or Seven New York, rather than at a skate shop. Even better, it looks like a $100 shirt but it sells for $29.95!


The only problem is, this shirt is apparently completely sold out everywhere, worldwide. However, this fact does not make me sad. On the contrary, it excites me. I know I’m going to own this shirt – now the challenge of tracking it down just makes it more fun. The difficulty of locating it also means I’m much less likely to see anyone else walking down the street with it in New York – always a problem. (I cringed and wanted to cry the first time I saw an apparently “normal” – i.e. non-fashion – person wearing a House of Holland shirt). There have been a couple of these shirts on Ebay in the past week or so, but they have either not been my size or have sold for around $100. I’d rather not go the Ebay route – paying 3 times the price for something and buying it in an online auction is not much of a score in my opinion. A big virtual hug to anyone who can tell me where I can find this amazing shirt…color, white…size, medium.

x eddie

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  • i’m a bit of a t-shirt lover myself. i think if i ever wrote a book, it’d be about t-shirts. good luck finding it, i was so happy the day i scored by black on black The End tee.
    -h of candid cool

  • Susan

    “‘normal’ – ie: non-fashion”… are you seriously that pretentious? you cringed and wanted to cry because someone found a t-shirt they liked and decided to wear it? I think I’m done reading you’re blog – bring back the other girl! She was way better!!!

  • Stefan

    im so pissed i missed out on getting this shirt now they are completely sold out ..i was bidding on 2 of them on EBAY I lost the bidding it sold for like $80…does anyone know where i can score and XL!?!?!?! 🙁

  • John

    check out eastwestworldwide.com
    they have a bunch left…they aren’t available to order online, but you can call up the store and they’ll send it to you…that’s how i got mine

  • Valissa

    These were all over Magic convention. I wish I had known. Would have sweet talked one for you Eddie! 😀

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