2017: The Year in Snapchat, from Snap Map to the new 3D Bitmojis

If you are under the age of 25 you are probably not on this social platform, but if you are part of the Gen Z generation, then you live on this platform. While some have discounted Snapchat this year, it is still a hugely formidable force especially if you operate in the youth market. While the Snapchat-versus-Instagram-Stories debate continues, it’s important to remember that Snap was the first to create face filters and stories, capabilities that have now been adopted by its competitors. This year it launched Snap Map, had a ferris wheel at Cannes Lions and created some of the coolest campaigns with its Snapchat Spectacles (subscribers can see them here).

Because the platform is so youth focused, we decided to ask a teenager to run through the key highlights of the platform this year and explain why it’s still so popular with her age group.

Mya Thomas, 16-years-old.

“I haven’t used Instagram in over a year, I might as well get rid of my account to be honest. All of my friends are on Snapchat and that’s the main way that I talk to them. We have so many group chats going all the time, and you can have up to 16 people in a chat, which is cool if you are organising an event or something. Also I know that Instagram has face filters now but I still think that the Snapchat ones are better. I also love my Bitmoji on Snapchat and this year they made them 3D, how cool is that?



The biggest thing to happen this summer on Snap was Snap Map, which is basically a map that shows you the location of your mates, if they opt in. So if you are at home and bored, you can see if your friends are in your area hanging out, and then go join them. But if you don’t want to be found on it you can also be invisible -on Ghost mode- and then you look like a little ghost figure, it’s a bit like in Harry Potter you know Marauder’s Map? Hahaha. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Maps to be honest, it can be useful, but what if you’ve had an argument with some friends and then you can see that they’ve all met up without you? That would suck. Also the privacy thing is a bit of an issue, but honestly I believe Snap Map is just another thing that has become the norm as we are already living in a society that tracks our every move, so my generation just kind of expects this.


I love the new addition of Infinity snaps, basically before this option, you had like 1-10 seconds to view a Snap, and sometimes that’s not enough time, so now there’s an option called Infinity. This option means you can replay it for longer, it still deletes after, but this way you have more time to view it. Before you had to try and screen shot it really quickly so that you could see what was really happening in the shot, it was a gamble to try and get it within the ten seconds, so infinity makes everything so much easier. There’s also a loop option now too, so you can view the Snap over and over, which is fun to play around it, it’s a bit like Instagram’s Boomerang I guess.

I’m definitely a huge fan of Snapchat and I kinda can’t wait to see what new features come out next year that my friends and I can play around on.




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