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y2k sport

It’s no secret denim has had major impact in fashion of decades past and now, more than ever, millennials are looking to past decades from the 1950’s all the way to early 2000’s, scouting unique pieces for their personal wardrobe – and denim product is no exception.

Last year, we called out the early 2000s as an important era to watch in our Noughties Natives report, and, since then, we’ve tracked down everything from upcoming new brands, to Instagram influencers and celebrities who are embracing and mastering revived Y2K looks spun with a shiny sportswear aesthetic. Popular influencers @starsxu and  @neptunes2000 are just a few of the many making waves with their eclectic Y2K sporty looks by combining both vintage denim and up-to-trend products like tiny matrix sunglasses.

@starsxu @neptunes2000

Premium brands such as GCDS, X-Girl are examples of brands who are looking to the early 2000’s to re-imagine sporty, Y2K looks through silhouette and details.

It’s not all denim and apparel, either. Accessories and footwear brands also tap into the Y2K aesthetic, and a great example is the relaunch of futuristic-chunky- 1990s sneaker brand Buffalo who recently launched a collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

From denim to apparel to accessories the message is loud and clear – Y2K fashion is back.


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