Winter-Skin Saving Tips From the Skincare Experts
By Theresa Yee

Stylesight asks skincare’s top experts about their personal winter-skin saving secrets: the best products and how to apply them.

Dec 03, 2013


It happens every season: winter’s chill turns our once soft skin into the parched, lizard-like skin of a stranger, making us wonder where our old supple selves have disappeared. The glow of summer may be gone but not our thirst for the latest and greatest products to keep us looking eternally gorgeous. We look to these inspirational beauty experts to help us save our wearied exteriors with surefire skincare tips and their personal essentials to help keep us beautified during the colder months.

The Expert: Amanda Macino, La Prairie’s National Training Director

Secret to soft, supple skin in the fall and winter months?
My favorite one is the from La Prairie. It contains 24-karat gold which works to protect collagen and gives a post-facial glow to the skin – I’m totally addicted.  I could never live without a face serum. Serums completely transform skin by targeting specific concerns. For an instant beauty pick-me-up, I reach for LaPrairie’s new Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection à Porter. It’s my secret weapon for the eyes and lips keeping me feeling my best no matter how busy my schedule is. One part treatment, one part instant touch-up, this multi-tasker is small enough to fit in a small clutch — perfect for travel.”



The Expert: Liga Upeslasis, Project Manager at B.Kamins

Your secret to a year-round youthful complexion?
“In Montreal, where I work at the B. Kamins laboratory, the climate is cold and indoor heating makes the air dry – it takes a toll on the skin. I use a humidifier at home, and I layer on the face products I use, especially the Nutrient Replacement Cream with the Replenishing Moisturizer. I’ll choose a cream with active ingredients that will treat my skin and an occlusive moisturizer to seal in the moisture. It’s as important to add moisture as it is to prevent moisture loss – it’s a phenomenal cream for all skin types. I also use lactic acid peels to gently exfoliate. Lactic acid does wonders for the skin. ”

The Expert: Wanda Malhotra, CEO and co-founder of Surya Brasil

Skincare products you’d never live or leave the house without?
“Definitely the Sapien Women Body Moisturizer. It’s made with exotic plant oils and butter from the Amazon rainforests. I rub it into my skin every morning from head-to-toe. If my skin is really dry, I apply Amazonia Preciosa Massage Oil (it’s made with a very special oil from the bark of the Amazonia Preciosa tree) and apply it to my feet and hands before bed. I put on cotton socks and gloves to keep the moisture in.”

— Glynnis Mapp, Stylesight Beauty Editor 

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