Why This Millennial-Focused Trade Show Should Be On Your Radar
By Sidney Morgan-Petro

Now celebrating its one year anniversary, youth-centric lifestyle trade show AXIS is creating quite a buzz. WGSN Retail Editor Sidney Morgan-Petro reports

Mar 10, 2016

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For those unfamiliar to the trade show game, it is the three-day madness that ensues directly after New York Fashion Week, bringing buyers and vendors to NYC in droves, booking appointments and perusing booths across a variety of big name shows such as Coterie, Capsule and Designers and Agents. These interactions will determine what consumers will be buying in stores six months from now, while also acting as an entry point for independent and foreign designers trying to break into the US market.


While not a brand-new show, AXIS has just completed its third installment, showing a strong variety of apparel and lifestyle brands that feels much more established beyond its young years.

What makes it unique? As a ‘little sister’ to the uber-cool Capsule show, AXIS has much of the same vibe – a sense of community that focuses on a curated boutique approach to shopping.wgsn_tradeshow_blog_2

So what does that mean? It means you’ll find candles alongside sports bras, alongside hand-printed cards, next to playsuits, bags and delicate jewellery. It is a one-stop shop mentality that offers buyers a chance to transform their boutique into a kind of modern day general store (ala the formula that Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have been perfecting for years.)


With brick and mortar shops aiming to attract consumers in-store with an unparalleled shopping experience, the lifestyle approach is one we see continuing for a long time to come. And we’re already counting down to the next show in September 2016.

You can follow AXIS show via their website, on their instagram or keep updated on twitter.

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Why This Millennial-Focused Trade Show Should Be On Your Radar

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Why is WGSN so obsessed with millennials? These shows have existed for years, no trendy generational moniker involved. If you’re trying to be super trendy, the focus is on “Generation Z” now anyway.

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