Why Nourishing Earth Tones are Gaining Ground

Caudex Studio vases and succulents

Caudex Studio

WGSN’s Expert Update series highlighted Nourishing Earth Tones as a trend to watch moving forward, with certain colours having more of an impact on consumers post-Covid-19. As people seek to find solace within nature to combat the affects of coronavirus, the hues found within the great outdoors help to reconnect consumers with it.

Nourishing Earth Tones Palette

Using inspiration from cultural trips, trade fairs, exhibitions, digital platforms and also physical materials and objects inspires WGSN’s colour ideas. From there we select the most relevant colours for the seasons. 

This Instagram caption describes nourishing earth tones as aiming “to inspire, calm and nourish.” The four colours shared on Instagram were part of a larger palette built around this story. It reflects the desire to reconnect with nature and the outdoors. The orange has a mineral quality and is edging towards terracotta. Golden Harvest offers a warmer update to classic beige. The green is a brighter olive, which reflects the lush tones found in nature. The taupe is a warmer take on grey.


Restorative Palette

The palette is a far cry from more aggressive hues we’ve seen trend of late. We anticipate that a grounded colour mood will be important to consumers living in a world full of uncertainty. A growing body of research shows that we have a deep-rooted bond with the environment and being outside in nature can have a restorative effect on the body and mind. Being surrounded by nature-inspired colours will feel more restful and calming to a consumer navigating a challenging world. 

Kemmler Kemmler

Nourishing Earth Tones in Fashion

They have been cropping up on the catwalks and at retail.  We have been watching warm terracotta tones coming to the womenswear market recently in the US. Green has become very popular and we are beginning to see a variety of saturated olive greens emerge. Beige neutrals are repeatedly appearing on the catwalk due to its versatility and transseasonal quality.

Examples of designers and brands which have been using some of these colours in their collection are Burberry A/W 20/21, Rejina Ryo A/W 20/21, Tods A/W 20/21, Agnona Pre-Fall 20 and Adeam Pre-Fall 20.

New Balance

The Future of Earth Tones

We believe these rich earth tones will become more prevalent in future seasons as consumers seek out more authentic, transseasonal colours.  Orange will continue to shift in a rich mineral direction. Watch out for olive, as we expect this to be a bigger colour going forward. The increased use of naturally derived dyes across the fashion industry will have an impact, influencing a shift to more authentic, less synthetic hues.

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