Why individuality is the biggest hair trend in Brazil right now

In my work as a hairdresser, I keep my ear to the ground and research what is happening around the globe. I look to see the designers or hair care brands that are pushing the bar and coming up with bold proposals in their cities, on the catwalks, and in magazine editorials. I use this as the basis for my inspiration moodboard and after I have looked at everything, I make a softer adaptation to try in my salon.


When it comes to hair trends, my first thought is the consumer. I think about my clients and whether the real women I know will be excited by these new ideas and actually want try them out.

Taking all that on board, my key predictions for 2016 come down to two themes: Natural and Individuality.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain:


Since 2000, Brazilian consumers have been embracing different beauty ideals, not wanting to all look the same, with cookie cutter processed hair that is packed with chemicals. This also feeds into the growing change across the globe towards appreciating nature more, and using hair products that respect the environment and are less invasive. In Brazil this was demonstrated through evolving hair trends, we embraced ‘beachy hair’, then the ‘messy hair look’ and now the new key trend for 2016 is ‘the undone hair look’.


The undone hair trend is all about loving your hair’s own texture and working with the natural movement of your hair strands. Volume is coming back, but without frizz, lightly controlled through the use of innovative products that respect the hair. It’s also about using treatments and products that are less aggressive towards the hair, so lighter colouring, temporary chemicals, less abrasive shampoos and, investing in organic products which form a huge growing sector in the hair care market.


Secondly, as I mentioned it’s all about a celebration of individuality. Straight, wavy, curly or frizzy: whatever your hair type, it’s all about celebrating your natural locks and what makes you unique. In practice in my salon, this means cutting hair when it’s dry and respecting the natural movement of the hair. Cutting it dry also helps consumers maintain the style, they know exactly how it’s going to look and they feel more confident to keep it up, outside of the salon.


In 2016, individuality also means using colour to stand out from the crowd. So I’m seeing a lot of women requesting whole hair colour changes or coloured strands in unexpected colours like silvery grey, or opting for unusual textures like the post shower ‘wet look’. And what is even more delightful is that it’s not just cool, young women, but older women and guys who are embracing the trend too. It’s an exciting time to be in the hair and beauty industry in Brazil!

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