Why brands should pay close attention to series 2 of the hit TV show Scream Queens
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

As the star-studded TV show prepares to return to our screens on September 20, here’s what brands can learn from the success of the hit drama.

Jul 18, 2016

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Scream Queens season 2 is coming this September

Season one of Scream Queens probably landed on your radar one of two ways, it blast through your social media and you were addicted from the off, or it encroached on your world, as everyone around you talked about nothing else. Such was the power of season one of the TV show, with its star studded cast, featuring everyone from Glee’s Lea Michele to Jamie Lee Curtis.

The show itself took a pretty standard narrative, a bit like the whodunnit hit movie series Scream, it’s based around a sorority that’s being targeted by a masked killer, but the tone is more comedy than horror series. Yet, it wasn’t just the narrative that solely made the first season of the show a success.

Here’s the 3 key elements that made Scream Queens a hit, and what youth brands can learn from it, ahead of Season 2:

1. Recognising the power of social media in storytelling

While the show lives on TV, the team behind it has used platforms such as Instagram to leave clues about who the killer is, creating a modern twist on the classic murder mystery, and keeping engagement and excitement for the show at an all time high between episodes.

2. The sharp and witty script



Almost as soon as an episode aired, we saw fans of the show turn the classic one liners into GIFs online. The first series played off pop culture references including the characters’ love of TLC’s Waterfalls, comparisons to Game of Thrones, aspirations of Good Morning America internships, and ‘Sweet Yeezus’ interjections.

3. Purposefully marketing to a social-media-savvy audience

The creators of the show have amassed more than 841k followers on the official Instagram account, and better yet they’ve harnessed the digital Eco-system of the actors and actresses on the show, including Lea Michele, whose post Glee fame, plus the new fans from Scream Queens has helped her amass 3.5million Instagram followers. The new addition of Twilight’s Taylor Lautner for Season 2 is set to help drive the brand online even more.



We’re howling over the new hot doctor! @taylorlautner is joining #ScreamQueens for Season 2. Double tap if you’re excited!

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