Why brands need to have a digital strategy template to succeed

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Guest blogger Sara McCorquodale runs the new innovative site called CORQ, a platform that helps brands carve out a failsafe digital strategy and work with the right influencers who match their values. Here Sara guest blogs about the state of social media as an integral part of your B2B marketing and content strategy, and why brands need to take the fear out of digital.

As a former print journalist who made the early transition to digital, social media has been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years. I have watched Twitter go from a site for early adopters to a place where news breaks and brands find themselves in a backlash that they had no strategy in place to deal with. I’ve seen Instagram grow from a place where you wanted to DM your favourite celebrities to now wanting to align with the growing pool of influencers whose relatability has helped them grow huge communities of dedicated fans. But there’s also so much noise now, so many streams of content (and not all of it is worth your time). So how do you get your (always on, always connected) potential consumer to engage with your brand, and stay loyal? 

Here’s what you need to know about how to make your mark in the world of social and digital:

CONTENT IS KEY: You need to produce content that drives growth for your business, and you need to think about what platform makes sense for that content- should it live as a slideshare on LinkedIn, be an Instagram stories series, or be a blog post? Also no matter what your budget, from start-up to big business, it’s possible to utilise existing assets to make your mark.

DIGITAL INFLUENCERS: Gone are the days that you can simply Google ‘the top 10 influencers’ and pick one from the crowd at random. The rise of agencies that offer to match you to the perfect influencer exist for a reason. You need both the hard data and the intuition of an expert to identify which influencer works for you. Do you want an influencer with political leanings? Where is your influencer based? How many of her followers were bought vs a real authentic community of engaged followers? Are their values aligned with your company values? Which other influencers are in her digital ecosystem? These are all the things you need to address when it comes to choosing the right people for your upcoming campaign strategies and brand partnerships – it’s a bit like investing in a new hire, you wouldn’t make a hiring decision without the right research.

HOW TO UNDERSTAND ANALYTICS: It’s not just numbers. Analytics are a hugely valuable part of your brand strategy, but are you mining the data correctly? Are you solely dependent on the numbers without understanding the context around them? Over how long a time period are you looking at the numbers? What are you learning about the habits of your readers/consumers? And how are those patterns evolving and changing, and how do they differ in different parts of the globe? You need to learn how to utilise your data to accelerate audience growth and engagement rate to produce an instantly effective digital strategy.

For more on digital strategies, check out CORQ here.

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