Why boots are the new sneakers – and taking up more shop floor space than ever
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

Boots have gone from being a one-off investment purchase to everyday footwear. Now, WGSN INstock stats prove they are stealing the spotlight from sports shoes.

Nov 20, 2015


A pair of boots used to be considered a ‘winter staple’, much like a winter coat- boots were another costly, investment purchase.

But things have changed. No longer thought of as a one-off special purchase, boots are now a multi-purchase item, thanks to the rise of increased choice from retailers alongside more accessible price points.

Pairs of boots now sit neatly in consumers hallways next to their rising pile of sneakers. In fact, the latest stats from WGSN INstock reveal that boots have now stolen footwear share from the sports shoe.

Retailers see the value in delivering attainable price points now. In the US, the average price of full-price boots is much lower. From September to mid-November, the average price was $181 – 6.0% lower than in 2014, as retailers widen their reach and offer more accessibly priced ranges to drive frequent spend.

Pricing isn’t alone in helping to drives sales either. Culottes are also key; along with minidresses and miniskirts- the 1970s fashion influence is fuelling purchases of boots, particularly over-the-knee styles.

But the over-the-knee style isn’t the only item creating news in footwear, calf-length styles are also popular. They formed 20.5% of new retail offerings in store, up from 7.2% in 2014, according to INstock data.

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