Who's That Girl: Bai Ling


While updating Stylesight’s Celebrity Fashion category a couple days ago, our Content Manager turned to me and asked, “Who the hell is Bai Ling? She’s freaking everywhere!” I had no idea who this ubiquitous mystery celeb was. “A Chinese actress? Maybe a singer?” I ventured, figuring that if someone shows up at every premier possible, and at every sponsored party imaginable, they must be on a quest for maximum self-promotion. Turns out I guessed right; Bai Ling is a marginally famous actress last seen on three episodes of “Lost.” The only thing I’ve ever seen her in is 1994’s “The Crow,” which I was obsessed with in middle school, going so far as to shave the back of my head in a misguided imitation of the female lead (not Bai Ling). I’ve rounded up a few choice shots of this lithe press-hog so that you too will be able to recognize the shameless, seemingly ageless (she’s 45!) hussy the next time you bump into her at the opening of an envelope or what have you.


Bai Ling’s Official Pose/Nail Color for the month of March.


Most celebs avoid the paparazzi. But not Bai Ling! She invites you to share in her desperately fabulous lifestyle.


But why stop there? Why not some close up Glamour Shots? Brilliant!


One thing I like about that Bai Ling: she seems to go to events by herself, a rarity for an actress.


This month, Bai Ling has kept to a red-hot palette and made a big life change: pants!

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  • alexander léger

    i can’t tell you how many times catherine, abby and i had that exact same conversation, Who the hell IS bai ling and why is she the most featured celebrity on stylesight?

    also, pose for the month of march, fantastique!

  • Erin


  • Jayne

    I am shocked that you’all don’t know this woman when she starred in a really good episode of everyone’s favorite tv show, Entourage. Yeah, she got it on with Vinny Chase (no surprise there of course) after she schooled him in martial arts for a tv commerical.

  • wait, these pictures are actually pretty nice. i can’t believe she is 45!!!!! i must learn her secrets!

  • 45???? You’re freakin kidding me…

  • In one word? Skank!

  • She looks great at 45.

  • Mellie

    there is no way she’s 45 yrs old!!!! no way!

  • i love all the comments guys, thanks so much for agreeing that bai ling is certainly a hot topic!

  • Giana Forzareli

    She looks great! I love how she is completely diverse with her styles. I have seen her in a bunch of movies, but I never knew who she was. Thanks for giving me a name for that beautiful face.