WGSN White Paper: Beauty in the Year 2020

Beauty 2020

Beauty 2020: How the industry is set to evolve

Forget your mascara and your 12 step beauty routine, and let’s fast forward to the year 2020. Now, imagine having a mirror that helps you choose your skincare routine and DNA-personalised products to fit your specific genetic needs. Sounds a little far-fetched? Actually, all of this (and more) is just around the corner, as outlined in our “Future of Beauty” white paper (sign up to get the full version here).

Want to dip your toes in the trends now? Check out this mini teaser of the report below, curated by our beauty team, these 4 game-changing trends will shape the beauty industry in the next few years.


Nature Hacking

Think waterless solutions, re-fillable make-up products and plant colouring. With the conclusion of Greenpeace’s Detox campaign in 2020, brands are encouraged to eliminate all toxic chemicals from their products and production processes. In the beauty industry, brands are looking to planet friendly ingredients and manufacturing methods, as well as raising awareness around environmental challenges with engaging and transparent campaigns.

Beauty 2020: Inclusivity


The All-Clusive Consumer

One size fits all? Not anymore. Brands are already developing product ranges that service a more diverse set of needs and skin tones. From the L’Oreal campaign for the visually impaired to leading cosmetic brands expanding their foundation colour range to cater all skin tones, in the next 5 years we will see a lot of movement to celebrate diversity.


The Always On Assistant

With genetics testing creating bespoke offerings, which will largely be delivered online, the physical retail space will take on a different kind of role, focusing on education, events and entertainment to drive footfall into stores. Last year, Charlotte Tilbury launched the virtual “Magic Mirror” in London’s Westfield store, serving as an assistant tool to try make-up looks. For the skincare sector, partnership with wellness experts and mindfulness sessions are trending.

Panasonic launching virtual mirror



Next Generation Genetics

The new personalisation is based on genetics – products personalised to fit into every aspect of the consumer lifestyle and DNA become ever more important. Inspired by the health and wellbeing trend, consumers will receive a list of scientifically selected skin care ingredients for them, recommended based on their DNA analysis that can be done with a cheek swab (creepy or cool? you decide).


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