When WGSN met Vogue for Alexa Chung’s ‘The Future of Fashion’ series
By Sara McCorquodale

The It Girl wanted to investigate the role of a trend forecaster, so where did she come? Our London office of course! And this is what happened…

Oct 13, 2015

Alexa Chung British Vogue Youtube

As those of us who work in the fashion industry know, it takes a village to keep this machine turning and producing new collections every season (not to mention in between).

So, when Alexa Chung wanted to investigate the role of trend forecasters as part of her Vogue series, The Future of Fashion, we invited her to our London office to meet the team and have a chat. Check it out…

MORE! The allure of Alexa Chung’s AG collection

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  • Adam Red

    I watch and anticipate this series time to time. and Alexa Chung’s the reason why I’m here, reading all your inspiring blogs! I’m so thankful to British Vogue I feel I have everything I should know about fashion here at WGSN!

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