What Retailers Need to Know About Click and Collect – NRF’s Big Show
By Anna Glassman

Click and collect is a necessity, but it’s important that retailers are doing it right.

Jan 14, 2015


As we’ve previously covered on WGSN, click and collect is popular and it’s not going away. During a presentation at the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Big Show, Lee Peterson of WD Partners, a retail consulting firm, offered up this telling stat: in 2013, 4% of customers selected BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store), and in 2014, 64% of customers selected BOPIS. Customers like click and collect and retailers need to have it, but just because retailers are offering the service, it doesn’t mean they are getting it right. Here’s what Lee says retailers should consider:

1. Shoppers who use click and collect don’t want to go inside stores. Peterson said that both Boomers and Millennials prefer curbside or drive through services. The WD study found that people who use curbside pick up have a 57% higher purchase rate than customers that have to walk inside the store.

2. Shoppers don’t want to go to the back of the store to pick up merchandise. Peterson said that placing click-and-collect pickup in the back of the store doesn’t offer the convenience that customers want.

3. Click and collect builds volume, but not basket size. This fulfillment option does increase the number of orders, but people aren’t spending more on each order.

4. Malls should focus on multi-retailer click and collect lockers. Millennials want malls to do the collecting for them and bring all of their purchases from multiple stores together to a locker or concentrated area according to Lee.

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