What Are You Wearing UNDER There?
By Anna Glassman

This London-based underwear line charms its way into Selfridges.

Apr 11, 2013


Marketing men’s luxury underwear is tricky business, but lately we’ve been seeing some outstanding examples. Ones that strike the right notes of masculinity, aesthetics and innovation. London-based Under Limited is one such brand. The contemporary label just launched at Selfridges, the Holy Grail of retail for forward new brands.

In perusing their line, we can see why the influential UK retailer was drawn. First there are the classic silhouettes, rooted in heritage staples and intricately crafted out of fine haberdashery fabrics. Under takes tradition one step further, however, and introduces subdued fashion prints – Aztec arrows, pindots, jailhouse stripes – and slight updates to silhouette, like a pegged pajama leg or a band collar on a lounge tee. With its clean Modernist lines, yet warm, radiant colors, and a model who resembles a hipster Ben Affleck, even the lookbook effectively communicates this message of of elegant whimsy. This brand just gets it: it’s not only about what’s “under” anymore; it’s the image you project that sells it. Get inspired at underunderwear.com.

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