WGSN’s Advent Calendar Day 24: New design talent and stylist approved accessories
By Shanu Walpita

This month our global team has curated a holiday season wish list: made by them, inspired by what they are working on now, and forecasting for the future

Dec 24, 2015

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It’s day 24 of our Advent calendar; a calendar like no other. It is the perfect way for WGSN Insider readers to meet the team members in our global offices, find out more about what they are working on and why they are coveting certain items. Yes, it’s the penultimate day of our calendar, but there is still time to get gifts, and the great thing about this calendar (and what makes it unique) is that it’s forward thinking so these items will be perfect to carry into the New Year. Enjoy!

Holiday Wish List: Day 24.

WGSN Staffer: Shanu Walpita, Youth Editor


I’m OBSESSED with this Korean label – who I incidentally highlighted in our Zero Gender report – go check it out if you haven’t already. I am in desperate need of a new winter coat, and this will fit in perfectly with my rather trademark tomboy look.


I think its time for me to stop using canvas tote bags, and I have my eye on this super cute Loewe elephant-shaped shoulder bag. It manages to be classy and quirky at the same time, which is the vibe I plan to channel in 2016 (hopefully).



I know these are a bit out there, and I promise you, I’ve checked with a bunch of stylist friends, and they all agree with me, these birks are actually very cool. I want them. In fact, I’m just going to go ahead and buy them right now, (brb. adding to checkout)



Yes, Vetements. Another obsession, and these are the ultimate pair of jeans. They are cropped in the most irreverently perfect way, as if someone just snipped away at the hem. Must. Have.



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