WGSN’s Advent Calendar Day 22: The gift of ‘me time’

It’s day 22 of our Advent calendar; a calendar like no other. It is the perfect way for WGSN Insider readers to meet the team members in our global offices, find out more about what they are working on and why they are coveting certain items.

Each day for the next 3 days, we’ll be spotlighting a member of the team and their seasonal picks. Enjoy!

Holiday Wish List: Day 22

WGSN Staffer: Sandy Chu, Associate Editor


Who you are and where you live often affects what you want to buy or in this case the things you wish people might gift you for the holidays. For me it’s being an Asian American in Shanghai. As a neither here-nor-there person among some of the expats and the locals alike, it has been a surreal seven plus years. In many ways it’s a fascinating city filled with many an oxymoron, a place where I have met some the kindest people in world and some of the worst. It’s a place where a massive wealth gap has made money determine your societal value, which seems very odd to me. Coming from America it has made me pause to think and question what really matters in my life.

So what I really crave for Christmas is quiet time to reflect, uninterrupted experiences and a daily ritual to ease the low-pressure stress of living in a mega city. As a place with an Internet connection that feels like that iconic scene in Amélie where she keeps pulling out her neighbour’s TV reception right before each footie goal, I just want to finish what I start in one smooth motion in a nostalgic nod to my suburban youth.

With a quiet journey in mind here’s my decidedly unsexy wish list.

The Art of Loving

A world without love is a world without reason so in that vein why not revisit an old classic and new favourite, Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving. Exploring how economics has pervaded even our purist emotion it is as they say, food for thought.


The Art of Creative Thinking

Having spent most of my childhood drawing, reading, deconstructing and reconstructing questionable DIY projects to my practical parents dismay, as an adult my only form of faith is in the power of creativity. That’s why The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins is my new bookshelf tome. I already have a copy but I’d like another so I can be busy body and lend it out like a feel good vitamin. Offering up bite sized pick-me ups in non-linear format, each chapter is filled with a positive developmental approach to cultivating and maintaining creative momentum in the face of adversity. Call me American, but I’ll rarely give up on what I believe in wherever I go or whatever circumstances I find myself in so this is a bit of a much needed reminder to keep going.


Credit: https://literarylainey.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/the-art-of-creative-thinking-rod-judkins/

urbeats Earphones

And last but not least, since I sometimes have the memory of a goldfish I’d love a backup pair of Beats By Dre earphones, and yes in girly metallic pink. When the world around you is chaotic collage at least you can maintain an internal Zen with the heaven known as external sound reduction. So as yet another person shoves past me and queue cuts yet again… Exhale, headphones in for a mental travel back to quiet poetry of my life.


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