WGSN meets the main man behind Tranoï international fashion tradeshow

At WGSN my role is to head up all of the trade show coverage. This means that each season I oversee, attend and analyse product from the world’s most important global trade shows.

Tranoi is one of those huge events, happening four times throughout the year with over over 550 exhibitors, and so I grabbed some time with David, the CEO to chat about his daily workload, why tradeshows are so important and the impact of the Instagram age. Check it out below:

wgsn_tranoi_David Hadida portrait

What does your average day entail as CEO of Tranoï?

Travelling to other fashion weeks, visiting other tradeshows and showrooms. Also planning future projects, looking after the ones that are in the process of being born. New York is my second home right now as we have opened an office there to operate our Tranoï New York show.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the fact that there are two sides to my job. A creative one and a corporate one: our goal is to help designers sell their dreams, to make sure the retailers access those dreams and at the same time we have to keep our shareholders happy.

2015 has seen some highs and lows for the trade show concept. How does Tranoi stay relevant in an ever-changing industry?

We constantly need to question ourselves, our environment, re-adapt to the market and surprise people with the results. But we also need to stay true to ourselves and stabilise what already is in place.


What is the most significant change youve seen on across the trade show landscape in recent years?

Although we hear all sorts of criticism and uncertainty about the future of trade shows, we have never seen so much interest in terms of merge and acquisition and investment. A lot of small and independent trade shows have been approached by private equity funds or have been swallowed by big industrial players. That will definitely change the landscape, but it’s too early to say if it is for the best or the worst. One thing is sure, some aspects of this will allow the fashion industry to organise itself better in terms of market shares, positioning and locations.

How has social media changed the business?

It has brought a new dimension to the whole fashion world. Followers have always existed, but now they are the judges. What used to be at the sole decision of the media is now instantaneously accepted or dismissed by the online community. In order to preserve the freshness of collections, catwalk shows will be held just days before they drop into stores. Not just to protect those brands against the fast-fashion giants whose copies will hit the stores before the originals, but also to avoid people getting bored of them even before they get released to the public.

Is the layout of the trade show more Instagram friendly?

You mean “are booths square and can you add filters and comments to them?” 😉

Sum up the Tranoï trade show ethos in five words.

Everything Has To Be Done!

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