WGSN interior trends brought to life at Home Textiles Sourcing Expo

For 2016/17 at WGSN we’ve predicted the major wellbeing trends that are influencing interior design products this season and after the success of teaming up with the annual interior design trade show Heimtextil in Frankfurt to bring our key interiors trends to life at the beginning of this year, we wanted to dazzle the US market with a curated real-life version of the trends.

So this week, Mindset consultant Ali Lind and her team headed to Home Textiles Sourcing Expo, one of the largest sourcing events in North America focused on fabrics and home interiors, to give US consumers a taste of these trends. The team recreated the touch and feel of our key trends with innovative mood boards and visual merchandising displays that allowed consumers to see the key ideas in action.

“What I loved most about this project was being able to bring the trends to life, it was a key way to use imagery, merchandising and tangible materials to give consumers a way to interact with the trends in real time, not on a computer or digital platform, but right there in the now”, said WGSN consultant Ali Lind.

The tactical inviting space helped people experience, see, touch and smell the trends that fall within our overarching trend: Well-Being 4.0. Well-Being 4.0 focuses on four key themes: Protect, Energise, Nourish and Enrich– and these themes are connected through a circle of wellness. They are driven by consumer behaviour, and new design talent which is focused on making our lives easier, more comfortable and happier.

Here we explain the themes in more detail.

1. Nourish

Wellbeing theme: As consumers we are keen to reconnect to nature and create a more sustainable world around us. Within cities there is a huge focus on making areas green, from small vegetable patches to mobile gardens and reclaiming old, abandoned land to plant new life.

Design influence: The colour palette celebrates the beauty of greens, as well as dark browns and greys, in harmony with elements such as the soil and stone. Natural materials are coupled with pioneering design. Handcrafted products play a special part in the process by accentuating the beauty of the source.

2. Energise

Wellbeing theme: People use technology to boost their feelings of well-being, as the digital world extends into our physical world. The borders between being online and offline are becoming blurred and bringing new levels of energy.

Design influence: This high-energy trend plays out through lively aesthetics with intensive brilliance and gloss, kaleidoscopic patterns and humorous, athletic designs.

3. Enrich

Wellbeing theme: The focus is about indulging and making time for ourselves, enjoying valuable ‘me time’ in  luxury surroundings. This is about luxury and opulent me time, valuing yourself and investing in well-made products that last.

Design influence: Opulent and highly decorative elements,which blend cultural references with the past and future. Ornamental ensembles and shimmering, classy materials are eye-catching. Superb, rich colours like plum and crimson abound with metallic gold, brass and bronze elements.
4. Protect

Wellbeing theme: Driven by the need to retreat and disconnect from the busy 24/7 lives we lead, Protect is about taking ‘me time’, detoxing from bad food eaten on-the-go, and really relaxing, as silence takes centre stage.

Design influence: This trend predicts a clean aesthetic. Cocoon shapes protecting us from the world, light colours reflecting meditation and understated designs reflect this.


Running until Thursday 14th of July, the Heimtextil WGSN inspired mood walls are on display as part of the Home Textiles Sourcing Expo.


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