WGSN Instock: The retail data tool that should be on your radar
By WGSN Insider

In today’s fashion market, you need data to make informed decisions. Whether you are a retail CEO, a buyer or visual merchandiser this is the must-have data tool to help you

Mar 21, 2016

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Fact: There’s nothing wrong with gut feelings. Every good buyer, designer, fashion leader worth their salt has developed a strong sense of intuition about what will or won’t work. But it’s not enough. Not anymore.

In today’s ever faster fashion market, you need data to make informed decisions. WGSN’s data tool Instock does just that and better yet, we’ve just released a new version that is your one stop shop for all your retail needs.

The new WGSN Instock takes advantage of ‘big data’ to deliver actionable trend analytics and retail insights to make smarter decisions. The site tracks millions of apparel, accessories and footwear products – to the sku level – from key retailers. Customisable dashboards identify price, trend and buying patterns across your market. Daily.

Why ‘guess’ when you can ‘know’? You can check out WGSN Instock and go to your next adoption meeting knowing that skinny jeans are not in fact dead.

So how did we create this new version of WGSN Instock and what does it truly mean for your business?

WGSN Executive Vice President of Product Sansan Chen explains:



How did we make this version even better?
We expanded our analytics tool, WGSN Instock, to give you big data, that can help you solve daily dilemmas, but rather than have to wait, you can now have the answers within minutes instead of days or weeks.

What does that mean for you?

You can sleep at night. We’ve built shiny new dashboards that indicate what’s happening in your market and answer your most pressing questions:
What are the top 5 colours for new-ins?
What product categories are being marked down most aggressively?
What is the key price point for down jackets?
Are animal prints being restocked?


How personal is the tool?
It’s all about you. The new site can be customised to show your preferred retailers, brands and metrics to watch.

Why am I going to love the new WGSN Instock tool?
Designers – It’s hard to believe but we’ve made comp shopping fun and easy
Merchandisers – Keep your enemies closer with data insights around their product range and pricing strategies
Buyers – You’ll see real time indications of trends to inform your future buying decisions


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WGSN Instock: The retail data tool that should be on your radar

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Ahmed Hamza
Jun 04th, 2016

I want to know the features and price of Instock subscription.

Apr 10th, 2016

Good one

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