WGSN Insight: Key Ideas 2019

 Key Ideas 2019 identifies and unpacks the top emerging trends that will impact the upcoming year.

In the video below, WGSN Insight’s editor Martina Rocca will guide you through three, key movements as a preview to the full ten: Techplomacy, Restorative Design and High Value information.

She discusses how these future-forward concepts will shape the behaviour and attitudes of consumers’ society.

 In 2019, consumers, businesses and governments will no longer simply seek meaningful change, they will actively take responsibility for it. This is the year of ‘responding’ and, collectively, these groups will create an ecosystem of change to rethink and reconstruct our current broken systems adopting creativity and design thinking as strategic tools.



For the full insight into the key drivers reshaping the world around us for 2019, read WGSN Insight’s full report here: Top 10: Key Ideas 2019.

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