WGSN HQ: it’s the new year, start a new book

Are all your New Year’s resolutions in place? With 2018 fast approaching, we’re all about getting a fresh start and a clean slate. Cue in the 2017 retrospective – hello, lists of what you don’t want on your life anymore (ahem, that time when you thought those 8 Aperol spritzes would sit well on your stomach without any water to dilute them) – and give way to the blank piece of paper and pencil (or that fresh blank doc on your laptop, have it your way).

While we have plenty of reasons to look forward to 2018, the Holiday season has got our nostalgic vibes on. So, in order to craft a meaningful resolution list, we’re looking back to move forward. Forget the lean and fit plan, ditch that post-Holidays-feast guilt. It’s time to come up with resolutions that speak to your soul – and your goals. Because what best way to incorporate some change into your life than writing your own story?

Here at WGSN we believe you don’t always need to be on the same page as everyone else. 2018 is yours to take, so go ahead and start a new book. Whether is going to that soul-searching trip in the streets of South America or finally making that side project your full-time job, we believe the future is yours to create it.

To get the creative juices flowing for that final check on your resolution list, we asked 3 WGSN employees what did they do differently in 2017 – and how that changed their lives.

Nina Giglio: how many ways can you tell a story

Architect-turned-graphic-designer, I thought life was all about storytelling through visuals for me. So when the invitation to change departments – going from graphic design to the marketing team – came around, I was faced with loads of questions. First one being, of course, what if I mess it up? Three years in the company, and having had previous experience with branding and fashion journalism, I’ve decided to give myself a chance. Goodbye InDesign and Keynote presentations, hello managing digital performance and weekly calls with three different time zones. Even though it was a big shift, I’m still in the same area: telling relevant stories in the best way possible – whether by writing a post for our blog – hello! – or coordinating a new marketing campaign for Latin America.

What can we learn from me? Ok this is about to get cheesy. But yeah, never stop looking for opportunities and chasing your passions. You never know where life can lead you, but you need to be actively pursuing the things you love so that opportunities come your way.

Rosalina Villanueva: the single bag country move

Forever guitar learner (“I say that because I’m really bad at it, but I’ll never quit learning“), Mexican-born Rosa is an Account Manager and Client Service Specialist for Mexican subscribers at WGSN. After eight years working from home, she went from ‘Pajama Fridays’ to ‘Casual Fridays’ and the whole office-routine (as in a printer that’s always on, fast Wi-Fi and being surrounded by co-workers) when she moved from Mexico City to another City: New York. Rosa got the invitation the day after Trump’s election – “like in a movie” – and the whole process lasted about 9 months (talk about keeping those zen, anxiety-zero vibes resolutions). With one bag in hand – “I left a lotta’ shoes behind” – Rosa stepped outside her comfort zone and dived into the new experience.

What can we learn from her? Drop your shoe collection and grab that opportunity when you see it. The places you want to go, people you want to learn from, new people to hug (“Mexicans are very warm people, so everyone will have to get used to me hugging all the time”) all contribute to the new stories you’re looking to write.


Risraelle Moreira: forget the diet and gym plan, this is about going all in

I promise this is not another “How I changed my life completely through a new diet and fitness routine” story. This is about wanting to feel good and in-sync with yourself. First step? Understanding what’s keeping you from actually changing a habit that you consider unhealthy. This is exactly what Sao Paulo-based finance analyst Ris did. “I wanted to shake things up as I knew my eating habits were far from ideal and my fitness routine was basically inexistent”.  Finding something that she loved – “there are these new kangaroo-look-alike classes that are really funky” – and being in the company of the right friends was the second step to success: “Maria, who’s from our WGSN marketing team, is the wellness queen. What best way to be surrounded by the right influences than tagging along with her?” Ris is setting herself to success and has already changed her habits towards food and exercise in a way that screams ‘long lasting habit’ rather than ‘set-to-fail resolution’. Way to go, girl!

What can we learn from her? Ditch that impossible-to-reach fitness and diet plan and find your circle of good influences. Tag along that friend who you always envy by their salad-love or join a group that does your type of sport. Make it doable for you, otherwise you’re halfway to setting yourself to failure.


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