WGSN HQ: How do we start our days – from Hong Kong to LA

We’re 500 WGSNers spread across 14 different offices and covering more than 95 countries. We’re a mix of cultures and, like you can expect from any mix of cultures, that includes a bunch of different people with different habits. And while we believe in choosing your own breakfast – and, more generally, your own lifestyle – we’re presenting the morning routines of 7 WGSNers across the world for you to get that #same feel – or be surprised by how different they can be from yours. Because at WGSN we believe in starting your day with coffee – or tea. And toast and jam. Or granola and green juice. Or whatever you choose. So, grab your breakfast of choice and let’s fly around the globe through a day’s worth of WGSN’s mornings.

Our day starts in Hong Kong with Lucas:

7:15 AM HKT • Lucas Yeung, Digital Designer, Hong Kong, HK

I’m up at 7:15 AM on most days. I quickly scroll through my work mail – since my team is spread across the world between NY, London, São Paulo and San Francisco – and jump to Instagram. As part of the #FOMO generation, I try to get as well-informed as possible – with Monocle’s The Briefing podcast or watching daily highlights on the TV. If I am feeling it, I wake up an hour earlier for an intense spinning class, followed by a big bowl of muesli mixed with chocolate chip cereal and sliced banana, enjoyed at home. I then jump in the train and indulge in a 40-minute loud music session from my home to the office. Once I’m at WGSN’s regional hub, located by the water at the Gateway, I switch on my Mac and start working on the briefs I have lined up for the day.

Two hours after Lucas’ day has started, Vonita is walking in WGSN’s regional hub in India:

6:45 AM IST • Vonita Samtani, South Asia Market Development, Haryana, India

My day starts at 6:45 AM (or 15 minutes earlier, depending on the day) – sleep ins are reserved for weekends. Right after I brush my teeth I head straight to the gym. I usually work out 3 days a week; on the other 2 business days, I get ready for work right after I get up. Due to the time difference, I try to squeeze in some early morning calls with clients and colleagues; since I’m responsible for the South Asia market development, I end up jumping between time zones a lot. After I finish up the early morning calls, I like to have a nice breakfast at home, with some avocado toast, egg whites, fruits, all topped off with coffee and water. I either ride the bus or a taxi to the office, and as soon as I’m at my table I start my computer and get the day rolling.

By the time Vonita is all caught up with her emails and morning calls, Cihancan is starting his day in Istanbul:

8:00 AM FET • Cihancan Sezgin, Account Manager, Istanbul, Turkey

Once I’m up at 8:00 AM, I make sure to drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon. During the summertime, I like to wake up a bit earlier – like 7:00 AM – and go out for a run. After I’ve covered some kilometers, I like to have my breakfast while reading the newspaper and checking out my favorite columnists. There’s also some time for the daily social media morning check. For breakfast, I usually enjoy some boiled or fried eggs with butter, olives, tomato, cucumber, white cheese, fresh walnuts and some tea. I usually ride my Vespa scooter to the office, even though I live just 1 km away from our hub in Turkey. Once I’m at my table, I like to prepare myself a Turkish coffee to give that initial buzz to the day and reply to the clients’ email sent after my work hours – I manage accounts from Turkey and Greece, so sometimes we’re some hours apart due to the time zones.

While Cihancan is two hours into his day, our Verona-based Silvia is biking to work

7:30 AM CET • Silvia Scarparo, Account Manager & Client Services Specialist, Verona, Italy

I’m usually up at 7:30 AM. When I stand up and I realize I’m awake (which is at least 20 minutes after I put my feet on the floor) I start thinking about my outfit. After that’s chosen, I love having a long and relaxing breakfast sitting on my sofa, reading the news on my phone or just having my eyes closed. I usually have bread, jam and coffee: it’s the perfect power combo to give me strength to go straight until lunch time. Favorite part of the meal? The coffee, of course! I always cycle to the office – it’s just a 10-minute journey, but always at the highest strength level since I’m usually late: good training. Once I’m at WGSN’s Italian hub, I start to create my comfortable disorder, which is always inspiring me.

By the time Silvia is surrounded by her comfortable disorder for three hours, Juliana is saying her goodbyes to her pug

7:30 AM BRT • Juliana Martins, HR Manager, Sao Paulo, Brazil

My alarm rings at 7:30 AM. The first thing on my morning agenda is preparing my dog’s food – I have a lovely pug who goes by Mexirica (tangerine in Portuguese) who won’t let me do anything else before that. After that box is checked, I like to have a good homemade breakfast and spend some time with her. I always drink black coffee, and have it with bread, butter and cheese, pancakes or yoghurt and fruits. Once I’m also fed – a task that’s completed with Mexirica’s vigilant eyes on me – I like to take a good long shower, the best part of my morning routine. My house is a short walk from the office – which is just my luck seeing how big São Paulo is – so ten minutes after I leave home I’m at our Latin American hub, located on the first floor (which gives us a lovely view of the trees). Once I get there, I make sure to drink a big glass of water before turning on my computer and starting my tasks for the day.

By the time Juliana finishes her first glass of water (of many), Daniel is up and ready to hit the gym

7:00 AM EST • Daniel Head, Video Producer, New York, USA

I wake up at 7AM during a work week; when I’m struggling to find the hustle in this crazy city, I wake up a bit later, at 8:30 AM. The first thing I do is lay in bed and mentally map out my day ahead. I then check social media, throw on some workout clothes and down a pre-workout shake. I love spending and hour or so in the gym before work. It puts me in an amazing mood and helps me start with a clean slate and a fresh mind. It’s like a morning reset, the favorite thing in my morning – I love the feeling I have afterwards while I’m getting dressed, making breakfast and having a coffee. If I have enough time I’ll make some eggs and toast or oatmeal before work. If not, sometimes I’ll skip it or grab a bagel sandwich from my favorite spot, Port Deli, near the office. After I commute via the Subway, I get our head office in Times Square, turn on my computer, stow my lunch in the fridge, fill up my water bottle, log onto Twitter and check my email.

Close to Daniel’s time of arrival at the NY office, Cynthia’s alarm marks the start of a new day.

6:15 PST • Cynthia Dipierro, Strategic Account Director, Los Angeles, USA

The California sunshine normally comes through my windows and wakes me up around 6:15 AM. I could buy curtains to block the sun, but for some reason I chose not to. I then typically watch the news for a few minutes before getting out of bed to see what is Los Angeles and the world that day. After that, I take Whiskey (my dog’s name – not the drink) on a two mile walk each morning. It’s such a peaceful time before the day starts. Each morning I choose a different route –one of them takes us by an overlook of the San Gabriel Mountains. We’ll just sit and take in the view for a few minutes. After a one-hour drive through the 110 freeway, I get to our office and, after saying good morning to everyone, eat an egg white sandwich at my desk while I dig into my emails and start prioritizing my day. I have about 2-3 cups of coffee to keep me awake through the morning, which I tend to leave around the office – there is even a group chat of pictures of the places I leave them!

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