WGSN HQ: Travel thirsty? Get inspired by our very own citizens of the world

Think of yourself as an air miles collector? Well, think again. We introduce you to three of WGSN’s citizens of the world. Just how many cities have they called home? Oh, a casual thirty-five.

It has happened to everyone with an Instagram account and following a fair number of people: there is always someone traveling on our timelines. And while you’re stuck with an office view and a cramped subway commute, they’re filling your feed with envy-worthy photos of sandy beaches (or powder white mountains, have it your way), great local cuisine and the most amazing spots. It gets to the wander luster in you. It hits you straight on your ‘Places to see’ board on Pinterest. It calls to that suitcase at the back of your closet hoping to be taken to places.

In order to feed the global citizen in all of us (and maybe give you that final push to take those long overdue holidays HR has been chasing you on) we’ve looked for some journey inspiration within our global team. Because if there’s a question that can be quite tricky for many at WGSN, it’s not “What’s the next trend in ____”, (we love that one) but rather “Where are you from?” It’s a complicated one if you’re flying between countries on a home-work commute (true story, check Dio Kurozawa’s day to day), or if the city on your ID was followed by 21 others as your ‘home address’ (keep on reading to check this one out).

It’s no wonder we hear different accents, speak multiple languages and experience different cultures at our offices hallways – after all, we are a company spread in 14 countries with a diverse team who has lived and breathed different cultures. Either due to our family backgrounds or the different cities we’ve lived in, we’re proud to call ourselves global in more than just one way. At WGSN, we believe that geographical coordinates are figments of the imagination. We believe we are all citizens of the world and members of communities.

To help with your travel inspiration – or your aspiration to become a global citizen yourself –, we’re sharing the stories of three WGSNers that live a true global reality and cultural mix. Sit back, relax, open up your Google Maps and travel planner, we’ll give you some wanderlust.


Catarina Lambranho, the Brazilian-born London enthusiast

Here at WGSN we can’t keep track of Cati’s whereabouts every other week – she stops by our Brazil, UK and US hubs quite often and we love it. Based in London, she’s part of the Brand Marketing team – quite global itself as the other team members are an Italian and an American – and helps bring the best of WGSN to the public. A true carioca, Cati was born in Rio de Janeiro and has lived in Barcelona, NYC and São Paulo before choosing London as her hometown for the past two and a half years. With her family spread across the world between Rio, São Paulo and London, “home is suddenly three different places and none at all – it’s a weird feeling which I believe anyone who moved away from their home country can relate to it”. Cati became a pro in packing light and keeping her passport at the ready, but the true turning point on her global journey was her time in NYC. “That’s where I had my first experience with working with other cultures, which made all the difference in my professional life and how I became mindful of diversity.” Her traveler spirit is a result of the way she was raised: from an early age her parents taught her to value travelling and getting to know new cultures. From all the places she has lived in, Cati has a special connection with Barcelona: “The energy there is very similar to Brazil.”

Feeling tapas-ready? Get some street style inspo from the Barcelona’s Primavera Sound music festival and check the local graffiti scene that’s blooming with a new generation of artists. Overstuffed with jamón serrano and the local drink ortxata? Take a well-deserved food-induced nap at the Soho House Barcelona, in the heart of the world famous Gothic Quarter.


Monica Prado, the always on-the-move multilocal soul

Santiago de Chile born, Monica is a non-stop world traveler who started at a young age. Would you like to take a guess at how young? How about moving countries for the first time at 2 months old? Part of the Latin American sales team, she already called home cities like Montevideo, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, where she is currently based (her parents moved homes a total of… 22 times). The amount of air miles she collects on a monthly basis is justified by her family – which is spread out between Brazil, Spain and Uruguay – and her day to day in the business: as responsible for the conversion of new WGSN addicts, she often travels between Latin American countries for meetings. But where does she really calls home? Brazil and Spain. With a love for scary movies, fashion and beautifully decorated interiors (as a true Libra would do), Monica can’t stay too long in one place: “I love traveling. I was born having to do it so it became part of me. When I stay in one place for too long, I start missing seeing and experiencing new things.” Nothing can stop this Chilean-born, Brazilian-based, Spanish soul and Morocco lover.

Getting those Moroccan vibes? Make sure to check Sarah Owen’s sneak peek of the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech which opened this past October. Feeling luxurious? Relax at one of the high-end mud huts at Les Cinq Djellabas as our CCO Carla Buzasi or seek some calm in the heart of the city at El Fenn, like our Travel Editor Emily Cater.

Nina Solomon, the adventurer with the coolest accent you’ll ever listen

Having previously lived in seven cities – which include Johannesburg, Bristol, New York, London and San Francisco – this Boston-born now calls LA her home. As WGSN’s Art Director and one of the heads of the Creative team, she doesn’t call anywhere her home, actually. Why? “While South Africa feels very familiar, I feel like a tourist when there, being away for 20 years. I definitely don’t feel English or American even though I have lived in both placed for 10 years respectively.” The result of this mix? A lovely, worldly accent. “Sometimes I forget where I learned a word, or phrase. I cannot remember if it’s an English term, or American, or perhaps it’s a South African slang. So sometimes I get confused and say something to someone and they just stare at me blankly not knowing what I just said, which makes me feel foreign and from ‘somewhere else’.” The traveler spirit grew in her as a kid, when Nina used to travel a lot from South Africa to the UK to visit her grandparents and to Spain for her school holidays: “I’d say I’m a bit of an adventurer. I love the outdoors. My hobbies include surfing, hiking, dancing and exploring new cities. The best part about visiting new cities is that you can learn about a culture through their food, their architecture, their music and the people themselves.” Nina feels weird if she’s in a place with too much of the same kind of people and culture. No wonder she’s most comfortable in London, NYC or LA.

LA-bound? Enjoy the California sun in style with some inspiration from the streets of the City of Angels, or indulge in some window (or actual?) shopping at this Hollywood Hills residence-turned-shoppable showroom, Casa Perfect, as portrayed by WGSN’s Allyson Rees. Feeling artsy? Check out our take on the new addition to the city’s collection of museums, The Marciano Art Foundation.


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