WGSN Futures São Paulo: The consumer trends of tomorrow

This July, WGSN Futures (our event summit) travelled all the way to São Paulo for its first edition in Brazil. WGSN insiders and guest speakers from amazing companies gathered to present key insights on what the consumer trends of tomorrow will look like.

WGSN Insight’s director, Andrea Bell, kicked-off the insightful day presenting the 6 key areas of the Future Consumer: connecting, living, sharing, enjoying, caring and being. Apparently, soon we’ll all be texting via our brains, hyper transporting 300 mph and sending each other beverages through the internet.

But don’t fear technology completely. Priscyla Laham, from Microsoft, told attendees that there’s no need to worry: technology will come to empower us, not (entirely) replace us. Laham presented several cases from the tech company that shows how A.I is becoming an extension of ourselves, here to optimize and enhance our human capabilities. Ad men from África, Dentsu and InLoco all agreed: the use of automation and A.I will give us time to be more creative.

Although the presentations got a little less techy as the day passed by, it didn’t get less inspiring. The need for social purpose came up as a key message, but not just as a marketing tool. According to Maria Fernanda, from beer company Skol, “consumers know when you’re not being honest”, so panellists concluded that, no matter what purpose your company chooses to embrace, it needs to come from within. And as purpose became such a focus point, so did the need for diversity – speakers said that they are embracing it as an innovation tool, and not just a marketing speech.

Apart from inspiring presentations, Futures São Paulo venue and décor were also a high point. Hosted at EBAC (British School of Creative Arts), a building projected by architect Isay Weinfeld, filled with natural light entering from the floor to ceiling windows (which, by the way, were decorated with inspiring statements such as ‘Partner with the Future’ and ‘Future Proof’).

In a world increasingly unsure, Futures São Paulo presented a few answers: Consumers are transforming and becoming more fluid, so diversity matters. Companies need to find their true purpose and make changes from within. Technology will ultimately be a creativity enabler. Those might not answer all of our burning concerns for the future, but I believe it’s enough to keep our minds at ease for the time being.

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