Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Towa Mungandi

The Future Makers Mentorship Programme

WGSN Future Makers is a six-month mentorship programme. Initially open to 10 mentees from around the world and after an overwhelming response, over 1058 entries, we are pleased to announce we will be welcoming 26 mentees in 2020.

Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Towa Mungandi

Next up, we are proud to introduce Towa, founder of luxury, size inclusive, brand TOTO. A self-confessed Schitt’s Creek fan, we caught up with Towa on her biggest inspirations, the importance of positivity and staying dedicated to your dreams.

Let’s start with what drives you, how do you stay motivated?

Passion. Pure, raw passion. It’s not easy to be kicked down as many times as I have been and still get up and try to thrive and be your best. It can only be love, love for what I do, love for this industry, love my work, love for fashion. My family, my friends, they stand behind me and they root for me! That’s because they see how much all I do means to me and what it could mean to others.

Is there anyone else that inspires you every day?

Myself, little plus size girls, older plus size women. Just imagining them feeling excluded, I don’t like it. If I can help, even in the smallest way to make one of these women or girls feel included or feel represented, then I’m doing what I set out to do.

Do you have a moment when you felt particularly proud of something you worked on?

I was on this tv show for young emerging African fashion designers. No, I didn’t win the grand prize or even my episode! But, I did something even better, I proved to myself that I could do something so tedious, create a look from scratch in 24hours and WHAT A LOOK! It was fabulous, well sewn, well designed and well styled and the best part? I did that!

Have you got any final words of advice for people who want to be in the creative industries?

Just that you should stick to it, whatever your dream is? Stick to it, it gets hard, it gets exhausting, it gets weird – but if you feel in your bones that this is what you are supposed to do – then stick to it.

Towa is mentored by Clare Varga, Head of Beauty at WGSN, based in the UK. Clare is an expert in distilling how future innovations and lifestyle shifts can be incorporated into product design to create future visions for clients.

Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal more WGSN Future Makers over the coming weeks, here on WGSN Insider. Can’t wait? Get to know other Future Makers.

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