WGSN Best Fashion Retailers: Powerful marketing pushes Victoria’s Secret into Top 10

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Victoria’s Secret is considered a retail giant within the US and, despite recently reporting profit losses, it’s still well regarded by US consumers. They have a relatively small retail footprint in the UK, which makes its appearance in the UK 2017 Best Fashion Retailer rankings all the more impressive.

In 2016, Victoria’s Secret made the somewhat controversial decision to abandon its swimwear and apparel categories to focus solely on lingerie, beauty and the Pink brand. The company’s reasoning seemed to be that those categories weren’t performing as well as others, and it would be prudent to narrow its focus to core products. However, that decision continues to hurt the brand’s sales. Victoria’s Secret comparable sales declined every single month in 2017.

Victoria's Secret

The % of people who claim to have made a purchase in the last month either online or in-store (netted) at Victoria’s Secret vs VS PINK, in the US. 12 week moving average N=3000


Other factors can be attributed to this sales decline. For instance, Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for a relative lack of diversity (both racial and shape wise) in ad campaigns. Their brand ethos of skinny, lingerie-clad models catering very much to the male gaze seems out of place in a consumer market that increasingly values a more inclusive view of women – it’s a space being filled by brands such as Aerie, Calvin Klein and Les Boys Les Girls.

However, there’s lots for the retailer to be optimistic about – especially when looking at their performance in our 2017 Best Fashion Retailers rankings US. Their targeted use of social is driving Victoria’s Secret brand ranking – helping it win out against other, bigger brands.

In the US, Victoria’s Secret comes in ninth in the rankings for most-loved retailer. However, they take pole position when considering data from 16-24 year olds, with VS Pink ranking fourth amongst this key target audience.

In the UK, they appear in the Top 10 most considered retailers – a ranking that is driven solely by the younger age group 16-24.  The Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’ such as Kendall Jenner have helped the retailer create positive buzz amongst this younger demographic, cementing it’s place in our Top 10 Buzz performers for this age group in the UK.

Victoria's Secret

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