WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Day Fourteen


MNDFL meditation

The holiday season is all about gifts. But this year we’ve seen the consumer become a little more discerning when it comes to purchase power. Brand values have never been so important to the consumer. So, we’ve launched our annual WGSN gift guide, but this year there’s a twist. The gift guide will be focused on cool products that give back and lovely companies with heartwarming values.

WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Day Fourteen: MNDFL Meditation 

While it shouldn’t be something that you have to gift yourself, piece of mind is increasingly becoming a luxury. But it doesn’t need to be that way, thanks to a rising number of apps, meditation class and even online videos, you can access a still mind more regularly. One company that is doing really great things in this space is MNDFL, which has a cluster of meditation spaces across New York City (we profiled the new company earlier this year). And this holiday season MNDFL has made it even easier to get comfortable, get still and create some head space. The company has curated four unique gift sets focused on different aims, whether you want to sleep better or set intentions for 2018. Check them out below:

M N D F L Breath Gift Box -Learn to focus on your breathing in order to become more present.

M N D F L Sleep Gift Box– get a better night’s sleep

M N D F L Intentions Gift Box– because the more we live with a conscious intention, the happier we are.

M N D F L Heart Gift Box – learn how to open your heart and develop a loving kindness practice.

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