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Sometimes that devil Internet tells me things I don’t want to know. Like today, when it told me of some stupid company’s latest insulting marketing ploy: National Underwear Day! Freshpair.com, an online retailer with a gross name and an even grosser slogan (Buy Underwear In Your Underwear), is the culprit behind this ridiculous idea, spawned like a demon in 2003. The company website has a full page of propaganda, studded with literary gems such as “In the nineties, rap stars wore their pants slung low, revealing the waistbands of their boxers. The magic of pop culture is that it has the power to greatly influence the public. Suddenly, the nation was becoming comfortable talking about and showing their underwear.” Hurrah for the magic of pop culture and our nation’s newfound ability to show its underwear! (Kill me before this world gets any worse.) But this PR stunt did remind of one of my secret wishes for fall: a bustier. And so I searched through Stylesight’s Intimate Inspirations category to see what the Internet had to offer, besides that horrible National Underwear Day.


My love affair began with the always-classy Proenza Schouler, who made the bustier their signature style.


Any kind of “ethnic” bustier would be welcomed into my closet.


Not my style so much, but if you’re into embellishment, there’s a bustier for you!


Aquascutum presented bustiers four different ways in their F/W 07 collection. I’d take any of them.


I’m loving the idea of wearing bustiers over dresses.


But I especially love the look of a bustier over a button down. It’s like deconstructing sexiness.


Printed busters draw attention away from the fact that you’re wearing what is essentially underwear, and they look cute!

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