We love… The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen

Daniel Suelo is the subject of a recent short film and book The Man Who Quit Money by author and close friend Mark Sundeen, which documents the abandonment of his conventional, American life in Seattle in search of an existence more meaningful in the Utah wilderness.

Leaving behind his last $30 in a phone booth, and throwing away his passport and driving license, Suelo finds himself traveling between communes and caves, eating wild food, and creating shelter with the natural resources that surround him.

Although not completely detached from technology and modern vices, updating his blog regularly by utilizing free wi-fi from local businesses, Suelo’s way of life highlights a new shifting focus for those who feel saturated by technology in present-day living, and in need of an emotional reboot to reconnect with themselves.  These are ideas that we discuss further in our Catalyst Issue 01 for 2014, Future Religion.

Scroll down for more images from the film, or purchase the book here. – Samantha Fox

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We love... The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen

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